Varsity don in court over lost job

By Lucianne Limo

Kenya: Former acting Vice Chancellor of University of Eldoret has moved to court seeking orders to compel the institution to reinstate him.

 Prof Elijah Biamah also wants the court to quash the decision of Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi to appoint Prof Teresa Akenga as Vice Chancellor. In addition, he wants the university to pay him general damages for the suffering he has undergone as a result of his sacking. 

“I was appointed on contract service for a period of five years starting June 24, 2011 to run till June 23, 2016,” he said. 

Baimah said on July 2, last year, he was relieved of his job after Prof Kaimenyi decided to appoint Akenga as VC.

Biamah claims his removal was unprocedural and went against the terms of his contract. According the petitioner, his contract stipulated that it could only be terminated on a six months’ notice.

The contract further stipulated that upon notice, Biamah was entitled to a six-month salary to be paid by the party terminating the contract.