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The truth behind witch doctors separating 'stuck couples'


The tale of cheating couples getting stuck during sexual encounter mainly in hotel rooms and rented houses is one big, fat white lie. This deception is masterminded by witch doctors, the ones who appear on posters such as 'Mganga Maarufu kutoka Kitui.' 

The script reads the same where,'cheating lovebirds' book a lodging, hire bouncers to carry the ‘busted couple' into a pick-up which then veers off to the Mganga’s spot, where the stuck couple are magically separated.

They also ensure the action is captured in real time. In most cases after the mission, the jilted spouse, mostly the man, casually forgives the cheating wife. The Nairobian can reveal that most of these incidents are stage-managed to hoodwink the public and market the witch doctor.

Take a past incident that happened in Kakamega town, that this writer sought to investigate. 'Dr Ndunge Wambua kutoka Kitui' unleashed her juju on Victor Musambuli, who claims to be a boda boda rider and Linda Nafula; and the ‘couple’ got stuck while having sex at Green Bar and restaurant.

The bar is a few metres from the infamous Kakamega Muliro Gardens, notorious for indecent exposure. So this is what happened. The entire episode started when leading media stations in town were alerted that a cheating couple had been busted.

As usual, armed with weapons of mass destruction (recorders, microphones and cameras), media crew arrived at the scene, nothing was happening at the bar save for three policemen drawn from the Kakamega Central Police Station and in plain clothes, holding walkie talkies while manning the entrance to the lodging section.

One uneasy police officer goes into the room, comes out and closes the door probably to alert the actors of media presence. A few minutes later, the voice of a woman crying for help is heard.

"Ni uchungu sana kuja mtusaidie tumekwamana hapa ndani. Naumia sana. It's very painful, come and help us since we are stuck. I am suffering'"

The police who now pretend to be busy blocking off curious residents from the premises, allow the camera crew to get inside the room where the 'two lovebirds' were having a good time together. After a crowd had gathered, a dozen of heavy built men alight from a canter parked nearby, straight into the room. They bundle the culprits and carry them into the car and speed off to Dr Ndunge Wambua's place at Joyland estate, along Kakamega-Mumias road.

Media is directed to the Mganga's residence where one of the bouncers ushers them in to, “air this story live." 

By the time we arrived at the palatial home, the purported love birds had already put on clothes and were kept in separate rooms. To our amazement, they both posed for photos and looked happy. 

Charles Okwemba, a renowned tout in Kakamega town clad in a mtumba suit and cheap sunglasses, identifies himself as the husband of Nafula.

"I am a businessman who imports goods from Dubai and sells them in Kenya and Tanzania. This is my second wife and we have three children together," says Okwemba.

He claims that his wife does not pick up calls whenever he is on business trips and that her phone is full of raunchy love messages from her mpango wa kando.

Previously, they had two children.

"After my thorough investigations, I discovered she was having a sexual affair with a boda boda rider. I was hurt and decided to look for the services of a mganga," said Okwemba.

On the fateful day, Okwemba alleges that  he facilitated Nafula to bury a relative in Bungoma.

"I discovered later that there was no matanga. She used the money to book a lodging in Kakamega town to enjoy life. The Mgangas magic is real and I want to urge people to consider looking for her services," he says.

Okwemba, who says he spent Sh45,000 for Mganga, informs the media that  he has forgiven his wife (Nafula) and he wants her back home immediately. 

"I can't divorce her, I only wanted to embarrass her in front of people and his relatives," he says.

When it is 'Dr Ndunge Wanbua' turn to address the media, she contradicts both Okwemba the 'husband' and Nafula.

"This man came to me last week seeking help to nab his cheating wife. I requested his name and that of the wife, wrote it on a piece of paper and wrapped it in my kamtee/mtego (looks like a man's penis) and told him to wait for my magic to work," said Dr Ndunge.

Ndunge says she was paid Sh35,000 yet Okwemba had earlier indicated that the services cost him Sh45,000.

"I use Kamutee (magic) to bust cheaters. I have been in the business for the last ten years and am here to help couples to remain faithful. Those who go astray are busted," she said.

Drama didn't end there, when they came out of the house, the purported husband sprinkled water on the lovebirds as a sign of cleansing.

The lovebirds left in a Toyota Premio to Mumias town and the husband (Okwemba) took a boda boda back to the bus stage where he works as a tout.

The Nairobian has learnt that after a successful business operation, the lovebirds take home Sh20,000 each, the bar owner gets Sh30,000 and the bouncers Sh5,000 each and alcohol.

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