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President Ruto prays at Israel's Wailing Wall


President William Ruto during prayers at Jerusalem's Western Wall in Israel recently. [PCS]

President William Ruto's recent visit to Jerusalem's Western Wall has drawn attention after photos of him praying deeply with a note in hand surfaced.

Ruto, known for publicly displaying his faith and beliefs, joined other believers at the wall during his trip to Israel.

The Rabbi of the Western Wall and Holy sites in Israel accompanying Ruto commented that he had seen many world leaders come to pray at the Western Wall, but Ruto's prayer was the longest he had witnessed.

"I have witnessed numerous presidents and world leaders come here to pray, but let me tell you, none of them have prayed for as long as you have. Through my experiences, I have learned not to interfere with a person's faith. You may not comprehend the profound depths that their faith has helped them overcome," Rabii said.

 President William Ruto says a prayer at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel. [PCS]

The Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall, is the last remnant of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem, which was destroyed by the Romans.

It is considered one of the holiest sites in Jerusalem, attracting thousands of people of all faiths who go there to recite their prayers.

Jews who live in Jerusalem pray facing the wall three times a day and are often in tears, hence the name "Wailing Wall." The wall is divided into two sections, one for males and the other for females.

Believers at the wall usually leave a written prayer on pieces of paper on the cracks of the ancient stones, and the notes are collected twice a year by the Rabbi and buried at Mount Olives in Jerusalem.

 First Lady Rachel Ruto prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel.

The wall is lined with people deep in prayer at most hours of the day, many leaning forward and touching their foreheads to the stones.

The wall holds an important position within ancient Jewish prophecies, including the belief that the Holy Temple will eventually be reconstructed, standing upon the Temple Mount surrounded by the wall.

Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio la Umoja, visited the Western Wall five years ago ahead of the presidential elections.

Like Ruto, Odinga wrote a wish on a piece of paper, stuck it on the wall, and said a prayer.

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