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13 Signs that your man will be a jerk… if you get married

My Man
 Ladies here is how you tell the man is a jerk and is not worth a second of your time

Science has shown us that women can smell ambition in an unborn boy. Women have instincts so sharp, they can tell the house help is farting on their child's face for fun while away in office. But these sharp instincts evidently get clouded in the presence of a tall, dark handsome man or a short man with a car.

Last week I promised that I will teach women how they can identify a man who can potentially break their heart, abuse them and leave them with a child without any feelings, whatsoever. Many women wrote asking how they can tell, because some look like angels but they change down the line...

Never. A jerk is a jerk. Whether in London or in Eldoret. I will say from the outset, serving a jerk with sex like you life depends on it, washing his clothes and cooking for him will not change him an inch. Neither is bearing a son who is a spitting image of himself, even as intelligent as Einstein.

Ladies here is how you tell the man is a jerk and is not worth a second of your time. There are no BUTs or Ifs.

Here is how to tell your man is a jerk:

1. He can't answer and in the simplest way possible what he does for a living and where he lives. If he ever uses the word, 'biasharaz' as his occupation without defining it, he is a con. If he is a broker, in car business, and clearing and forwarding, he will steal from you. Unless he works for an organization you know its physical address, his boss and the area police boss.

2. If he does not treat you as equal. Unless you want to be a doormat since he provides. Then don't complain later. You deserve respect, dignity and equality.

3.” If you are 26, been dating for more than over six months and

Looking forward to marriage and he never wants to meet

your relatives or avoids them like they have Ebola, drop him.”

4. Constantly snooping into your office mail, WhatsApp and phone. An insecure man can give you brain tumour, and will stress you to death. A man has to be sure of himself. But do not cheat on him.

5. If he can't just use a condom and he is feeding you e-pills like nuts. For one, should you become pregnant, he will relocate to Uranus-the planet. Two, he is ruining your reproductive health, and he will be nowhere in the future when you deal with the consequences.

6. If he cheats. Even once. Forgiving cheaters is what contributes to the spread of diseases, stupidity and irresponsibility. Unless you are Hillary Clinton.

7. If he is a name dropper. Cut him out. Unless you are a groupie and would love a selfie with Sauti Sol. Male name droppers are mostly cons or people who suffer from incurable self-esteem issues.

8. If he treats waitresses and those he deems beneath him like trash. Only politicians should be treated contemptuously.

9. If he is a petty liar. Drop him.

10. If he hasn't bought you an expensive gift, three months into your dating. He thinks you are cheap, and will treat you cheaply.

11. He only calls when he wants sex. Annoyingly he only wants it when he is drunk. As in he has to be very drunk for him to think of having sex with you. Stay only if unless you have esteem issues that need validation from a pathological drunkard.

12. If he does not rub your feet, massage your back every evening and cuddle with you, at least four times a week...

13. If he values his job or more than you. Unless you are a president, there isn't a job on earth that can't be done in 12 hours to ensure that he is home for dinner. He is probably cavorting with a secretary.

Finally, whatever you do as a woman have some opinion about stuff, an independent mind that can think and execute both minor and complex equations of life. While at it, have standards. And class. Goes a long away in keeping bastards away.


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