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My hair drives me crazy


Ever since I started growing my hair, am not impressed with the results. It was only recently when I realized my hair is not growing as it should; or at least like my friends’. We were on a girls out with two of my friends and we had decided that instead of plaited hair, we would have natural hair. So we met at our usual spot and headed to the salon to have our hair’s blow dried.

An hour later we were all done and good to go. On the way Veca, one of my friends, started flossing her hair to us, telling us how longer it had grown. Becky, my other friend, replied to the floss by showing off hers, which was quite long.

But when it came to me, I could not floss anything. My hair was the shortest and the most kinky. I became so stressed up especially because my hair was the oldest yet the shortest. I have never understood what the problem with my hair is. I have done everything i have been told by hair experts but nothing changes.

Every Friday I buy magazines and read the advice they give on how to take care of your hair and make it grow faster but nothing has ever changed. I buy expensive hair products and apply them as directed, all in vain.

I have gone as far as listening to myths that help hair grow faster and longer like making sure I am plaited by a one month pregnant lady at least twice a month; avoiding to be plaited by ladies who have given birth and have not yet stayed for four month; I was told never to say thank you after a hair do, that will cut my hair, I did all this for the sake of my hair growing longer.

The only option am left with is to cut it off, but for me that is no option, there is no way am cutting my hair. When I was in high school I used to cut it, and I used to look like a boy, I was even given a nickname for that. I cannot go through that again. Thats not all, my hair took three months just to surface, I spent almost the whole term bald headed, it was so embarrassing.

My hair is driving me crazy, it is affecting my whole life. The salonists tell me I cannot even plait the fanciest hair styles because I have less hair on my head.  They say the hair defines a lady, what kind of a lady am I if my hair is a mess?

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