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Ladies, embrace your natural selves

 Ladies, embrace your natural selves (Photo: iStock)

Dear girlchild, be comfortable in your skin and embrace your naturalness. Do not bend backwards to make changes to your body to please men, especially physical modifications. We are all created differently but we are all beautiful in the eyes of not only God but also these men who we tend to be worried about. To use their expectations as the SI unit for beauty is like clinging on the BMI rating which in my opinion is purely meant for the European structure and figure. A full stack African woman is destined to have flesh here and there which would automatically tilt the scale.

Come to think of it, our grandmothers were tall, gigantic and with significant weight on their arms and huge load of flesh behind them. But because they worked consistently in the farms they stayed fit and never had issues with their health. Towering above six feet and with possibly five kilogrammes of mammary glands, most of them would be declared obese without even stepping on the weighing scale. The naked eye would be enough! Interestingly, they lived long lives without any element of lifestyle conditions that many of us encounter today in our forties. The point here is that we should step out and exercise consistently to keep our bodies active but not to conform to some Caucasian standards that was not designed for black Africa.

Well, those who aim to strut in bikinis at the coast to attract the old white retirees looking for black pleasure in their twilight years have no excuse, they have to sacrifice something to appeal to their target market. I am addressing the African girlchild who is proud of her heredity and is working hard enough make a genuine living.

When you are confidently big and healthy, even those retirees can smell your confidence and accept you for who you are. If anything, some of them are looking for a proper African woman because they have spent their early lives feeding on lean meat while trying please the onlookers against their wishes. In private, they search for BBW in their laptops and smartphones to calm their real sexual obsessions.

You see, men will set you standards that are unreal, they are masters of manipulation to a large extent and it is something inherent in the male nature. In school, a boy would be interested in a particular girl but when she declines the approach the same boy would turn around and spread rumor about how unattractive and dumb she is, insisting that the girl has an oversize head. It is those same traits that the male species carry in to adulthood. It is also the very fears of teenage hood that girls carry adulthood.

Men will talk about big women being sweaty and smelly yet insult slim ones for being nothing but tasteless bonny meals with zero sexual appeal. In a bid to look attractive women therefore start to obsessively lose weight, spot tattoos, pierce out noses and lift our butts hoping to strike that sweet spot. While we do all these, we take a huge medical risk in most cases that sometimes backfire critically to try pleasing a species that clearly has no stand on anything.

Recently, I saw a lady wearing a beautiful hipster. It revealed the rather obvious uncomfortable truth of her imbalanced posterior. One of her butt cheeks was bigger than her twin, a clear result of a failed cosmetic surgery. Women should learn that for every type of creation there is a type of man that would love and adore us without any enhancement. There are men who hate big buttocks to the core. They find the plump backside repulsive and imagine that tapping the honeypot beneath those weighty twins is a work they can avoid by pursuing the laptop version that is easier to open up to access her mother board.

We have spoken elaborately, for years about skin bleaching side effects which most of us do not take seriously. We keep preaching that it causes thinning of the skin and exposes blood vessels to harsh condition besides having lasting effect on the liver and pancreas of the victim.

It beats logic that to please men we are willing to undertake skin lightening procedures that can cause abnormalities in our future babies while setting us on a path to look like spotty leopards in our old age. Leaves me wondering who and what is really our priorities if we cannot even think of how to secure the health of our future babies.

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