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Fitness: How you can make your boring routine fun

 These are some suggestions you might need to keep you from abandoning your workouts [Courtesy]

Fun and fitness don't always exist in the same space. In fact, lifting weights and doing sit-ups is exhausting so there's rarely anything to enjoy when doing all that hard work- unless you already love exercising.

The other part about working out is boredom. Exercising is supposed to be a lifestyle and when you've had the same routine for so long, you eventually get bored and maybe even quit altogether.

But, I'm here to encourage you by assuring you that there are ways you can give your routine a refreshing twist. These are some suggestions you might need to keep you from abandoning your workouts.

Come up with interesting challenges

There are so many different types of workouts to do from leg raises to planks. But even with all these options, the list is the same.

What you can try is having different routines often. For example, this week you can do dance cardio, then next week have a throwback celebration where you do the routines you started with during your fitness journey, so you can appreciate how far you've come.

This is just a creative way to keep the motivation going.

 Get out of your comfort zone as you upgrade your routine [Courtesy]

Do something out of your comfort zone

A routine can help you build discipline, which is essential for a successful fitness lifestyle. You already know what you need to be doing on a particular day so there's no stress.

But, I encourage you to try out something that you usually wouldn't do to re-inspire you. This could be swimming, bike riding, jogging, or anything that you typically wouldn't do.

Find what works and make room for it in your new upgraded routine.

Revamp your workout gear

Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of shopping to get you energized again. The same big tee and faded tights get the job done, but they don't really do much to help when you're going through that boredom phase.

If you haven't tried out new gear for some time, this is a sign that you should. This should get you excited for your next workout session because you'll feel great.

Reward yourself often

The biggest reward of working out is looking good and being healthy. That process takes time and meanwhile, you need something to encourage you even more like mini rewards.

You can try delicious healthy snacks or even schedule days when you can enjoy cheat meals. You do need to have discipline and practice moderation but, who says you're not allowed to be free sometimes?

 Reward yourself with healthy snacks or cheat meals once in a while [Courtesy]

Switch up the location

Working out in the same environment can also become quite monotonous. Maybe you always workout in your bedroom or a specific gym every day, which is great, but it's probably time to try a new location if you feel like you're just about done with this whole keeping fit business.

You can choose to go to a park this time round or check out a new gym around you. You will be surprised how much a new location can help.

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