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How to avoid getting a hangover


Kenya beat Tanzania in the AFCON games and this definitely calls for a celebration. As far as many are concerned, Kenya has won AFCON in totality. You and your crew have decided ‘lazma muchafue’. Bottle on bottles shall be flowing, the salo is in the bank and you are feeling rich.

Before you drown your already barely surviving liver, here are a few tips to avoid waking up with a deadly hangover:

1. Lay a proper foundation a.k.a eat heavy

When you know that the night will be filled with copious amounts of alcohol eat like a Viking. This is the time you go to your local ‘mama ntilie’ and you eat ugali with sukuma wiki and meat. When you ‘lay this foundation’ the rate of alcohol absorption is lower and will reduce the after effects in the morning.

2. For every glass of alcohol, drink an equal amount of water

Try your best to alternate between an alcoholic drink and water. Staying hydrated will reduce the rate of alcohol absorption into your blood stream and will significantly lower your chances of a hangover. Yes, you will be visiting the washrooms often but better than a throbbing headache in the morning.

3. Throw out the brown bring in the clear

 It is believed that the darker liquor is the biggest hangover culprit it is due to the presence of congeners (a substance that is found in alcohol that supposedly causes headaches). Clear drinks have a lower rate of hangover activation.Try the clear drinks and test out the scientific claim.

4. Avoid the sweet stuff

Mixed drinks such as cocktails are loaded with sugar and alcohol. Due to the sweetness, one ends up drinking more alcohol than intended. Thus raising the chances of a near murderous hangover. It is also believed that sugar makes the alcohol ‘hit harder’. 5. Carbonated drinks are your detriment

Sodas and other carbonated drinks speed up the alcohol absorption and the more alcohol you have in your blood stream, the deadlier the hangover. Substitute the carbonated drinks with fruit juices.

6. Dance your night away

 Be the person that never leaves the dance floor or sits down. This will limit the amount of alcohol you end up drinking. Plus, you will be getting in an amazing work out. In the morning as the others are hanging onto dear life, all you will be suffering from is sore feet.


These are but a few tricks to help you avoid a hangover. The best method is to not overdo it, drink in moderation, your liver will thank you.

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