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Bad boy: Wife’s dressing is changing, for the worse!


Last Friday, Caroline went out with the girls to celebrate their friend’s 35th birthday. You were not in when she left.

When she came back at 4:30am tipsy as a sailor, the first thing you noticed is the dress she was wearing. It was the shortest dress you had ever seen in your life. It made you uncomfortable in your morning slumber but you did not ask her.

Earlier last year, Carol quit alcohol and even joined a funny church with a phony pastor. For a great deal of the year, she was extremely conscious and quite religious. But come November, she got a good job with good perks and renewed her friendship with some college friends. You have since noticed a new pattern.

Her tastes have remarkably improved. When you met her, she was your typical high-flying woman, with beauty and brains to match. When you married her, she took the wifely mien, adjusted her lifestyle and for a while, she “matured” into a traditional wife.

But in two months, she has gone back to the girl she was. That is how comfortable she has become.

See, Caroline is what every man would describe as stunning. Everything in her was placed in the right place and some more. Her derriere has snapped many a neck on the streets. While she pretends not to be self-unconscious of her beauty and great body, when she wants to feel good, she can dress in a way that can provoke the holiest of men.

And lately, that has been the trend. Her skirts have gotten shorter. The cleavage more visible. It is like a woman getting back into the singles market.

“You never tell me how beautiful I am, I dress like this to feel good about myself,” she told you recently when you complained that the dress was inappropriate when you were going for a double-date. She was grossly offended.

Earlier in the month, you had asked her to cover her cleavage a bit.

“Why?” she asked with an air of rudeness, “I don’t dress for you.”

That caught you off-guard. “I just want to be myself again. If you don’t compliment me enough, there are men who will do it.”

That was completely out of character from her, given that she has never expressed such insecurities.

You asked a female friend about this weird behaviour and she told you, “As we grow older, we need a constant reminder that we still look hot. You know, that is why we spend so much on makeup and dressing like that.”

“Even when you are married?”

“Of course. You need to tell her she is beautiful every day. Lest other men do the job for you.”

Jeez. You used to tell her this every day when you were dating. But now you are married. You need the energy and time to build an empire for your kids. You are not getting any younger, but you don’t need such reassurances?

Women are different. For real.

Love is…?

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