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Of gold digger boyfriends and husbands.


We have been in deep slumber. It is like we all missed the announcement about the arrival of male gold diggers. All our lives, we have been lynching female gold diggers. But the male gold digger, who may or may not have his money is with us. He has taken the front seat and his feet are on the table.

One thing about male gold diggers is that they are very vocal in condemning their female counterparts. They will yell and act like someone burnt their houses then harvested their kidney without their knowledge. Men who work hard and will never go anywhere near a woman's money don't have that time.  They are busy making their money.

The ways of gold digger men are manifested in their sweet tongue and above average chivalry behaviour. They will bring heaven on earth just to get into a woman's purse. That's why you should always be wary of men who carry their women's handbags, can’t stop calling them sweet names in public and hold their waists.

A gold digger man is obsessed with a woman's payslip. He wants to know how much she earns and saves. In most cases, he would want to control her money, or offer crappy ideas of investing together. For those who trust enough and invest with gold digger men, time will reaffirm to you that you have been robbed in the name of love.

An obsession with their looks and masculinity is another thing that runs deep in the vein of gold digger men. While many men are oblivious of their appearance, gold digger men take immense pleasure in their looks. They believe they are the greatest gift to women. They believe their sexual prowess or lack thereof should be rewarded by money. But the writing is on the wall. May women who have ears and eyes hear and see respectively, then flee all gold digger men.

5. Do you still watch cartoons?

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