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Tips on how to decorate a square room


Decorating square roomsThere are times the shape of a living room will make it difficult to decorate. A square living room, however, is one of the simpler rooms to work with. But the challenge comes when placing the furniture. More often than not, one is forced to shove them against the wall, making the room feel distant and cold. Square rooms also don’t offer the luxury of small isolated spaces that can be turned into a cosy reading corner or a child’s play space.

With a bit of creativity, however, you can turn your square space into a cosy haven. Here are some tips:

• When painting the walls, choose colours that will evoke varying moods and spice up its appearance. Brick red will, for example, create a warm and inviting space; green will evoke a carefree feeling while neutral colours will give a classic feel.

• Avoid placing your sofas against the wall by placing them at least ten feet from the wall. A large rug in this room will create a focal point; ensure you arrange your furniture pieces around it. Adding a love seat to this space will be a plus.

• To soften the prominent square lines in the room, an ottoman and coffee table with rounded edges. Ensure the coffee table is placed at the centre of the rug.

• Despite the space not offering an ideal section for this luxury, you can still designate a cosy reading area. Get a magazine rack, a bookshelf, reading lamp and a comfortable chair and a round table (not square).  The family could also use this space to play board games.

• One large painting on the wall that pulls the colour scheme of the room together is sufficient. A painting with circular lines will give a sense of movement and kill the square monotony.

• Accessories like vases and throw pillows will add colour to your room. Display them creatively to give your room some oomph.

• Round light fixtures are the best for a square room; they will soften the square lines. Get floor and table lamps that are round.

• Angling furniture towards the wall will give the room a more distinctive look.

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