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How to have a better beach day with your kids

Leisure and Travel

A day in the beach with kids may not sound appealing but trust me, they will be too busy and occupied to drive you to your wits ends.

So, before you write off that trip down to Diani or Ukunda, consider how much fun you will all have. This of course will only happen with proper planning. Compromise on this and you will have a disaster in your hands.

Here are some of the tips you may find helpful as you plan your next beach day. ESTHER MUCHENE

1. Consider the weather and environment

Make use of weather forecasts on google or other weather applications to help you predict whether the weather will be favorable on the day you plan on going. It can be very disappointing for both you and your kids when you have to cancel plans for going to the beach because of the rain or unfavorable wave currents. Take note of the timing and choose a period when the beach is not very crowded. This can be very uncomfortable and your children can easily get lost in the crowd.

2. Have a packing list beforehand

Having a go to list is essential especially if you visit the beach often. This makes things easier and you don’t have to struggle to remember what to carry all the time. Some beach essentials include sunscreen, coolers and insulators, extra water and food. It is also advisable to have a beach umbrella and beach chairs that will come in handy. Your kids might want to take a nap and you will probably need to sit and relax under the shade as the kids play.

3. Keep things simple

Carrying too many unnecessary supplies can be very frustrating and hard to keep track of. Toys and clothes can easily be lost or left behind if you carry too many. Carry a few beach friendly toys such as balloons and beach friendly snacks like juices for your kids.

4. Toddler care

There are some specific things to consider when you have a baby with you at the beach. Babies tend to heat up quickly and this can cause some panic and make them uncomfortable or even grumpy. Have some cool towels stored that you can use to cool them down regularly. Have a stroller with you if possible because you may not be able to carry your supplies and your toddler at the same time. Another helpful tip is carrying a sheet to create a play area for your toddler. This way they won’t get too sandy and dirty.

5. Safety first

It is important to have a basic first aid kit at hand in case you need to handle an emergency and carry extra medication that your child may need in the case of special needs kids. Make sure you also discuss ground rules with them such as how far they can swim and play so it can be easier for you to monitor them. It is also a safe idea to carry some floaters for you children to use when they swim if they are not accustomed to swimming. Swimming pools are different from seas and oceans so be vigilant.

6. Have fun

Don’t forget to play with your children and be present in the moment. Take photos and videos for the memories and your kids will appreciate that later. If you must get some assistance have someone tag along so they can help take care of the kids. Beach trips should be all about fun, connecting and creating lifetime memories. Do that!


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