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Seven things you should know before going on a girl’s trip

Leisure and Travel

Leaving it all behind, no kids, husband and the everyday hustle sounds heavenly right? If done properly, yes!

Picture yourself sipping a mimosa by the beach without a care in the world. And, oh, let’s not forget the shopping and late nights. While it sounds good on paper, it takes careful planning and execution to make it happen.

There is no denying we all need to take a break once in a while to catch our breath and recalibrate.  Unfortunately, this dreamy experience can turn into a nightmare if attention to detail is wanting. But that shouldn’t be the case. With these 7 tips you will pull off that getaway like a breeze.

How well do you get along

Before you commit yourself to a trip to hell, it is crucial that you and all your girlfriends get along. Let’s face it, not all women are created equal and this means different attitudes, moods and personalities in one melting pot. Trouble! A successful trip will be determined by how compatible the group is. The last thing you need on a trip is babysitting a high maintenance brat. All this will do is lead to a polarized group and unnecessary tension.

Plan in advance

Trips require money and taking time out of daily life to make it happen hence the need to plan way early. This will help everyone save up and plan their schedule accordingly. Be it looking for someone to take care of their children, take some time off work etc. Also considering it’s a group trip, there will be a lot of back and forth which may take quite some time for everyone to be on the same page and agree.


This can be a deal maker or breaker so don’t be hard on yourself and your friends. You need to be cognizant of the fact that not everybody can afford to stay at a 6 star hotel therefore create room for compromise. Be flexible on accommodation and other activities so no one feels left out or as if they are pulling everyone else down because they can’t afford it. That said, it is wise to start saving up early.

Decide on activities

Assuming you all have the same interests, picking activities and what to do while on vacay will be easy. But if you have different types of personalities in your group you must cater to each so that everyone feels included. Work on common interests and tailor make activities accordingly. It is also important to stress on the fact that everyone has freedom to do as they wish too. Just because you travelled together doesn’t mean you have to always follow each other around like sheep.

Consider a group package

The best stress free way to travel is to leave it all to a travel company who will take care of everything. Settle on your budget and pick a company that best meets your needs. Best part is, group discounts are almost a guarantee and these guys will go above and beyond to please you so you can recommend them to others.

Don’t have crazy expectations

Please note that anything can happen so don’t expect everything to go perfectly. It might be a holiday but that doesn’t mean people won’t argue or fall out. Disagreements on trivial things like sleeping arrangements can arise and in such situations you need to know how to handle them. Silly disagreements and differences should not hijack the trip.

Keep your group manageable

No matter how well you and your work friend get along it doesn’t mean you should invite her. Just being honest here. Her presence and that of an outsider be it a spouse, or sibling, can change group dynamics leading to unnecessary complications. Your all girl’s trip should be made of those only in your circle.

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