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Six reasons why sweating is good for your skin

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 Sweating actually comes with some powerful beauty secrets (Shutterstock)

The first thing you would do after a heavy, sweaty workout or a long day at work is to hop in the shower to get rid of all the sweat.

We basically understand sweating to be one of the bodily functions that help with temperature regulation along with other health benefits and that’s it.

It’s hard to imagine that the words beauty and sweat can be in the same sentence but, science says that sweating actually comes with some powerful beauty secrets that we rarely pay attention to.

Once you know them you’ll be more excited to see those droplets on your skin.

Here are six reasons why you shouldn’t loathe sweating but rather appreciate the benefits it comes with.

It repels bacteria

Those pesky microorganisms that cause havoc on the skin won’t be a huge problem anymore. They usually cause breakouts and sometimes some infections too.

Sweat acts like a bacterial repellent because it has a peptide called Dermcidin that is part of your skin’s immune system. It’s the natural protective layer that your skin needs to fight bacterial infections.

It hydrates your skin

Our skin can sometimes be dry and dehydrated especially in the cold seasons. This can mess with the health of your skin and cause you to look ashy.

Sweating can be part of the solution to combat dehydration. It can even ease some of the conditions that are accelerated by dry skin. It rejuvenates your skin and boosts collagen production and that’s why you should be more active to keep your sweat glands moving.

It’s part of the reason you notice that natural glow after working out or going for a run.

It settles your pH levels

Every day we expose our skin to all sorts of things that can tamper with out pH levels. Some of the makeup products we use, environmental changes or even hormones cause some changes that can trigger an imbalance.

Secretions from sweat help to restore the pH levels. It helps to maintain your protective layer to prevent infections.

It improves blood circulation

Proper blood circulation is also a vital part of skin care. One of the most famous ways of improving circulation is through facial massages but now you can get the same benefits through sweating.

It helps your body transport oxygen and other nutrients to your skin cells which is an anti-aging property. You will realize that your skin is looking younger and fresher with time.

It eliminates pollutants

The pores on the skin get clogged with dust and other types of pollutants that we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

While we can’t avoid coming into contact with them, our skin can certainly play a role in eliminating them from our pores.

Sweating brings all the impurities to the top layer where you can easily wash and cleanse them away.

It acts as an exfoliator

Exfoliation doesn’t always have to involve any type of product. It’s important for you to rid your skin of dead skin cells through scrubs and liquid exfoliators but sweating can offer a helping hand too.

It unclogs your pores by removing the dead skin cells trapped there which gives way for new skin cells. This also improves the effectiveness of other skin care products you love to use. On those days where you don’t have enough time to do a full exfoliation, you can count on sweating in the meantime.

There’s no doubt that sweating is good for your skin but you also have to be careful with it. Don’t let the sweat sit on your skin for too long because this will only reverse the benefits it gives.

It can dehydrate your skin, accelerate an acne breakout if it’s not washed away on time and possibly clog your pores again with impurities especially if you’re working out with a full face of makeup.

Take note.

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