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The generation of faking it till you can’t fake it anymore

Lady Speak

Today I am going to address my generation. It’s not that I have anything against us. It is that this is where I belong, where my dreams reside and where my end will be if the wave swallows me. This generation that is full of slay queens and African kings who have no idea what royalty entails. People who believe in faking it till they make it, or in this case, faking it till they can’t fake it any more.

It’s no wonder the high number of people being ‘anikwad’ on social media platforms for failing to honour promises, mainly repaying debts. Who brought us up really? Everything about us is just confusing. From those ‘anikaring’ to those being ‘anikwad’ on Buyer Beware. When you decide to help a slay queen, then be ready to be slayed and stop acting all innocent when things go south. These days it is even more difficult to differentiate between parents and their children considering one is a reflection of the other. So you can imagine if my generation is already confused, then our children are a time bomb.

Recently, I heard a mother advise another to join her child in throwing tantrums claiming it would help the child stop such behaviour. She was telling her fellow mom that whenever her young one started throwing tantrums and threw himself on the floor and in a mall, she did the same and the child would stop. So I’m supposed to roll on the floor bruising my thinning hips in the name calming down a toddler? If your baby stops throwing tantrums because you joined them, it is only because they are wondering what the hell has got into you. Actually, they are shocked and we all know shock can turn a human being into a statue.

I, Beryl, daughter of Itindi the great can never join my daughter in throwing tantrums. I have trained her early enough to feel the impact of my ‘side eye’. If worse comes to worst, a little pinch to jog her memory will save the day. Even the Holy Book allows me to do that. These slay queens and confused kings are the reason scientists are still trying to figure out if man is evolving backwards. What happened to women just being women? Does one have to push her chest forward, tilt her head upwards, push her backside far behind and tuck in her stomach in to be seen as a woman? Men, do you have to wobble your feet as you walk and shake your heads as though you are having hiccups? Success is not measured by the amount of times you slay considering what you are slaying is not even worth being slayed.

We live in houses we are struggling to pay for and drive cars whose log books we have never seen. Some of us even enroll for courses we know nothing about and we even go ahead to study them all the way to Doctorate level just for prestige. My age mates, I ask you again today, what on earth are we slaying? We own everything and have nothing.

We are no longer our children’s role models, they have redirected their success and dreams to their grandparents instead. If someone does not stop these slay queens and crownless kings, our children will never know what royalty really is.

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