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Five things you should know before dyeing your hair

 Dyeing you hair is always fun, having a new look, but here is what you need to know (Photo: Courtesy)

Purple, burgundy or blonde? We are spoilt for choice when it comes to transforming our hair color from its natural to our desired shade.

Hair dyeing is one of the major go-to changes people go for when they’re looking to do something new with their hair. It’s simple, safer and less drastic as compared to other commitments like getting a haircut or a perm.

It’s great to take a risk and try a different shade after having the same boring color for years, however, there are some major points you need to know before you dye your hair.

These tips will help you know what you can expect and also prevent hair damage along the way which usually happens if proper care is not observed:

The color on the box isn’t always accurate

Getting the perfect shade can sometimes be a trial-and-error experience. When you’re shopping for a certain color as a first timer, you might assume that your hair will turn out exactly how it did on the model.

The truth about it is that the color often looks different depending on factors like processing time, what shade your hair was before dyeing and how your hair reacts to a particular brand.

You could consult a professional for advice on what shade you’re going for and whether it will be possible to achieve it.

 Always prep your hair as come hair dyes can cause serious damage to your natural hair (Photo: Courtesy)
You need to prep your hair

Getting your hair ready for the process is very crucial.

Remember that dyeing is still a big change because it’s a chemical treatment which can damage your hair if not done correctly.

It’s important to prep your hair the right way depending on your specific hair type and consult your stylist on how soon you can dye your hair in case you’ve recently relaxed your hair or currently dealing with severely damaged hair.

Go for good quality dye

Using good quality products is generally better for your hair health.

When it comes to dyes, the same applies because there is less risk of exposure to corrosive chemicals and the results are significantly better.

Since dyeing your hair permanently is a commitment, why not give your hair the best by investing in good products? Remember, you get what you pay for. Cheap dyes will result in disappointing results so it may actually be better to save up and buy a good product.

You should also consider getting your hair dyed by a pro to avoid any DIY disappointments.

 Dyed hair tends to dry faster than natural hair, always remember to moisturise (Photo: Courtesy)
Prepare for after care

How you handle your hair after dyeing is also going to determine how long the color will last and how healthy your hair will be.

You need to buy products that specifically cater to color treated hair like shampoo for dyed hair and review your hair care routine to accommodate the new changes.

Dyed hair is more sensitive and you need to research on how it needs to be taken care of to maintain health and vibrancy.

Choose a shade that complements you

Everyone is free to choose whatever color they want when it comes to hair dyes of course.

But in all honesty, there are certain shades that look better than others on different skin tones. You might want a bright red color, for example, and end up realizing that maroon would suit you best.

Consult and do a bit of research on which shade will look good on you since you will be stuck with that color for a while especially if it’s a permanent dye job.

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