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5 ways you can curl your hair without heat


Many natural girls agonize over putting heat into their hair and out of necessity, ingenious ways of creating curls have come up. Thanks to these simple techniques and tools, you can create a variety of beautiful hairstyles at the comfort of your home. Depending on the length of your hair and type of curls you want, there is a way to get it done without the risk of heat damage which may cause your tresses to suffer.

Here are 5 different ways to curl hair without heat. 

1. Bantu Knots One effective way to create curls is to put your hair in bantu knots. You can create bantu knots on either wet or dry hair. Doing them on dry hair gives you loose and fuller curls. Doing them on wet hair will give you tight and better defined curls. You should undo them only after hair is completely dry and don’t forget to moisturize your locs for shine. The other great thing with bantu knots is that you can also wear them as a style on their own before you take them down for a different look.  2. Flexi Rods Flexi rods are easy to use and will create beautiful spirals. You simply wrap your hair around the outside of the flexi rods, making sure to wrap until the ends of the hair till they lie smoothly against it. Leave them on until your hair air dries or under a dryer for faster results. You can also do this on either dry or damp hair.  3. Rollers Rollers come in a variety of sizes so you can use them on long and short hair as well. Put them in after shampooing and conditioning your hair. For instance, you can use larger rollers if you want straighter and more voluminous hair. Make sure that your hair is completely dry before taking them out.  4. Straw Set This is a curling method that uses drinking straws to style. This method will give you well defined and long lasting curls. The curls will be very small and tight but you can choose to separate them for a fuller look. They are easy to maintain and you only need to wear a bonnet before sleeping and shake them free and tease with an afro comb in the morning.  5. Curlformers Curlformers are the more modern rollers. They come in a range of sizes with different lengths and widths to suit a wide range of hair. For the best ringlets, apply setting lotion or holding mousse to damp hair before installing the curlformers. Cover them at night with a bonnet and style in the morning. 

The creativity does not stop there. You can do twist outs and even use socks on long hair to create curls. Whatever option you choose forget not to use styling lotions and curl setting products for more definition, hold and stay.

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