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The seven habits to have healthy hair


Steve Covey came up with the ideal seven habits of highly effective people; this was meant for leaders and managers in all sectors. I have also decided to emulate him and come up with the seven habits of people with healthy hair. Healthy hair is not only about the shampoo. It goes beyond that. Below are the habits:

1. Trim your hair: Split ends and hair breakage are a woman’s worst nightmare when it comes to hair. For healthy hair, get regular trims of the ends at least every six weeks.

2. Give your hair a break: People with healthy hair go natural as often as possible. Your hair needs a break from heat and chemicals. Keep off ponytails and tight headbands, which often pull the hair from the hair shaft.

3. Hands off your hair: Whenever they feel the urge to scratch their scalp and it becomes consistent even when they use medicated shampoo, people with healthy hair will consult a doctor.

They not only take care of their hair, but they also don’t forget their scalps. They ensure they keep their hands off their hair; they will not put any sort of pressure on their hair. So they will not twirl their hair or pick at the split ends.

4. Eat right: Healthy hair is equal to healthy eating. People with healthy hair eat healthy and consume a lot of protein. Keratin in the hair is actually all protein. Iron too, is the source of energy for the hair.

5. Minimise heat: Keep heat away from your hair. People with healthy hair wear hats when they are exposed to the sun; it has a tendency to dry out the hair and burn the scalp.

For those who do a lot of blow-drying, ensure the heat is low. Apply protective oil or spray on their hair before exposing it to heat. Avoid hot water on your hair when you shower; lukewarm water is better. Hot water dries the hair and if you have colour, it fades off faster.

6. Deep condition: People with healthy hair condition their hair at least once a week. The kind of products they use on their hair is determined by the weather; during the cold season, they use moisturising hair product because the hair tends to dry out. In the hot season, they use something lighter.

7. Easy on the brush: They know the right way to brush their hair. Excess brushing of hair will break the ends and stretch the hair, making it weaker. The best way to go is to brush once a day, using the right brush.

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