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Five ways to create a strong and intimate relationship

Girl Talk
 If you don’t schedule some time to spend together you may start living like sister and brother (Shutterstock)

They claim love makes the world go round but the secret is, it takes more than love to sustain a happy relationship.

First, it takes two willing people to work on their flaws and meet the needs of their partners. You will be amazed at how simple it is to make your partner feel loved.

Forget the complex process of trying to break them down. What you need is consistency and application of good behavior propelled with effective communication to make your bond stronger.

Before we get started, let us get a few things off the way. Your relationship should exhibit certain fundamental traits such as trust, honesty, loyalty, respect and whatever else you value for it to become even better.

With the proper foundation in place, here are some ways you can spice up your relationship to make it stronger and more intimate.

i.Bring sexy back

This doesn’t always boil down to bedroom matters. It goes beyond that. For many, especially women, sex starts in the mind.

For her to be in the right mood for intimacy, certain things must be ticked off her ‘needs’ list. For instance, you can offer to help with housework, cook dinner or clean the house.

Find out what she needs to be assisted with and she will find that super sexy.

You on the other hand will be rewarded with a night of fun in the sack.

ii.Check up on each other

We live in a fast world where everyone is on go, go, go mode. There never seems to be enough time to do anything once the kids have been dropped to school, work, grocery shopping and an endless list of other things to do on a daily.

If you don’t schedule some time to spend together you may start living like sister and brother. Set aside an hour or two every week or a few hours over the weekend to catch up and know what the other person is really going through.

This will put you both on the same page and you will be amazed at how much closer it will bring you together.

 It takes two willing people to work on their flaws and meet the needs of their partners (Shutterstock)

iii.Show affection

In the latter stages of the relationship couples tend to get too comfortable and those nice gestures that were once there start to disappear.

Give your partner more attention and create the connection again by holding their hand in public, kissing them unexpectedly or even just looking them dead in the eyes and telling them why you love and appreciate them.

iv.Date nights

A little romance has a major impact on an already happy relationship. It keeps the spark from dying out. Revitalize the same energy and effort you put in when the relationship was fresh.

Go back to what you both used to do and enjoy just the two of you.

Dress up and be intentional about setting date nights every other weekend to have a moment where you can both enjoy a quiet dinner or a movie you have both been looking forward to.


When you hurt your partner, intentionally or not, acknowledge your mistake and genuinely apologize. If you have to do something to make it right, do so.

At the end of the day your partner should always come first.

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