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Why you need to stop stalking your ex on social media

Girl Talk
 Out of curiosity, one may stalk their ex on social media to see  how they are fairing (Shutterstock)

When couples break up, the transition is usually painful. Out of curiosity, one may stalk their ex on social media to see if they have moved on or if they are doing better.

Stalking your ex on social media may seem harmless and less intrusive but in the real sense, this is a big hindrance and problem to your healing process.

Every time you see a photo of your ex on social media, you will only want to see some more and soon it will become a habit. However, before it gets that far, here are some reasons why you need to stop stalking you ex on social media:

You need to heal

Stalking your ex may seem harmless but it is stalling your healing process. Every time you click on a photo, all the emotions keep flooding back and you keep on thinking about the things you did wrong or how they hurt you. And instead of moving on with your life, you will be stuck in a loop where you; stalk, regret, repeat.

Makes you bitter

One of the many reasons why you stalk your ex is because you want to see the strides they have made without you and whom have they replaced you with.

If you are lucky they might be hurting like you are but in other scenarios they may be happy and leading better lives.

When you keep on stalking them, this will only make you angry and bitter with yourself.

Strive to improve yourself during this period and don’t limit yourself to your ex’s progressions.

 Strive to improve yourself during this period and don’t limit yourself to your ex’s progressions (Shutterstock)
Inhabits bad thoughts

As mentioned earlier, stalking your ex on social media may seem harmless but when you see them happy without you, this might breed anger and this can lead to bad thoughts. You may want to set that new car they are flaunting on fire or even confront their new lovers.

Staying away from their social media keeps you safe from all this, after all what you don't know doesn't hurt you.

Your mental health is at stake

Stalking your ex for a while slowly becomes an addiction and like any other drug, you will want more of it.

This retrogressive behaviour will do a number on your mental health. You may not realize it but when you go stalking your ex, you are never looking for positive news. And when they seem happy without you, this may be detrimental to you mental health.

Shows lack of motivation

Yes you may have dated for a long time and your life was intertwined but this doesn't mean your whole existence should be pegged on your ex’s moves. Keep yourself busy, meet new people and learn to love yourself again.

It will take time to figure things out after a break up but keeping tabs on your ex only makes this process harder.

Tip: Always do a digital detox after a break up. Unfollow them from all sites you shared together. In other cases, changing your cliques helps too since they will always be telling you about your ex which is also stalking in a way.

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