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#FashionTips: Making your miniskirt more flattering as a tall girl

Fashion Tips
 As a tall girl, you can still be fashionable in whatever outfit you decide to put on including a miniskirt (Pinterest)

Tall girl? No problem. You can still be fashionable in whatever outfit you decide to put on. Your height shouldn’t be a hindrance to you wearing some clothes. Tall girls are fun too and this should include dressing, including rocking miniskirts.

However, we must admit that there are some things shorter ladies can get away with in comparison to taller women. Miniskirts for instance, no matter how shorter ladies rock them, they win. On the other hand, when you are tall, you must consider the length, design and many other factors. This is because when you put on short skirts, a lot of focus is drawn to your long legs and this might be uncomfortable.

When rocking a miniskirt, here are some tips to help you own the look:

Go for skater skirts

First things first, you must know what to buy when you are tall. When miniskirts always go for skater skirts, this is because they will enhance your long legs and make you look sexy. Furthermore, skater skirts won’t move upwards leaving you with a fulltime job of pulling it down.

Also, its design is a high-waist, meaning it will cover your potbelly and put focus on other areas of your body.

The best thing about skater skirts is that they pair with any type of shoes, so you won’t have a problem with the final look.

Pair them with stockings

When going for miniskirts and you are a bit insecure of the length, you can always add a pair of stockings to the ensemble. Stockings will not only boost your confidence but it will also leave you less exposed.

Furthermore, a pair of stockings will enhance your outfit and make it look classier. Also, they can be of great help when you need to pull an official look for the office.

 You can always add a pair of stockings to the ensemble (Shutterstock)

Go for knee length boots

When planning on dressing in a miniskirt and your confidence is not strength enough, pair your skirt with some knee-high boots. Boots are comfortable and they will cover a good part of your legs and this will reduce the focus on your long legs.

Furthermore, boots will make you look sassier and shelter you from the cold weather, in case you go out at night.

Balance your pieces

The key to rocking your miniskirt well is ensuring you balance your pieces. When putting on a miniskirt, the bottom area is already small meaning all the focus will be drawn below. But when you match it with larger pieces on the top it will balance out.

Pieces like sweater tops, blazers, cover ups, kimonos and other pieces longer pieces on the top will accentuate your miniskirt and give your outfit structure.

Avoid putting on a miniskirt with crop tops or small tops, it will only make you look like you are trying to fit into small clothes or make you look skimpy.

Go for flat shoes

When doing a miniskirt, it is more than obvious that all the attention will be on you when you are tall, you can do yourself a favour by avoiding heels. To make it easy go for flat shoes like boots without heels, rubbers or sneakers that will tone down the look.

When you put on heels, it will only make you look taller and more conspicuous and you will be subject to public scrutiny. Not unless your confidence is on cloud nine and you can rock heels well, all I can say is go girl!

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