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Tips on how to save money on your wedding day

 Research on the best deals while planning your wedding (Photo: Courtesy)

For the most part, weddings can put a dent on your wallet. It’s part of the reason why many people are choosing to have small parties instead of huge grandiose weddings with hundreds of guests.

In order to pull off a fabulous wedding on a budget, you have to put in the work. It can be challenging but when everything is done, you will realize that it was more financially fulfilling.

As you work on getting the best deals while planning your wedding, you should include ways you can save even more on the actual wedding day.

These are some of the ways you can still manage to save a couple more coins without compromising on the fabulous wedding you want to have:

Find an affordable photographer

Having great pictures on your wedding day is important, no doubt. After years have gone by, you should have some great pictures to keep the memories of your special day alive.

However, hiring an overly expensive photographer isn’t the only way to take some great snaps. The best way out of this is to do some research so you can get an affordable but good photographer.

Hire them for a few hours instead of the entire day and maybe even skip on hiring a videographer.

Alternatively, you can hire photography students at a very affordable rates who have a point to prove and will be out to impress.

 Make use of your friends and family, whatever service they can offer (Photo: Courtesy)
Go with simple décor

Good décor helps the entire wedding come together beautifully. The top options are natural flowers but that can drain your budget especially if you hadn’t planned on spending so much on decorations while factoring in they will be only used for one day.

Here, you have to get creative to see what other options you have. You can try switching up the theme of the wedding to one that won’t require so many flowers or just use them sparingly if you must include them.

Prep your own food

This is the prefect money saving idea of you’re only having a limited number of guests. It’s not new to skip on the expensive catering packages for homemade food because this can actually help you save so much more.

You can give it a personal touch too especially if you happen to enjoy cooking and you have your own way of doing it whether it’s the presentation or mouthwatering flavors. It also allows you to cater to the different needs of guests who have special diets while ensuring the food tastes amazing and is prepared in a clean, controlled environment.

If this is the what you decide to do, do your best to plan accurately so that you can avoid going too far off your budget ,bring in some extra help and keep the menu as simple as possible.

Don’t go overboard with the transport

Arriving at your wedding in style would be amazing but not necessarily cost-friendly. It costs a lot of money to rent an extravagant convoy of vehicles for a few hours which isn’t wise if you’re planning on saving.

You can choose to rent a less expensive vehicle or borrow a friend’s car if you can. Or walk to the ceremony or venue if everything is happening at the same place.

Consider DIY-ing your hair and makeup

Bridal hair and makeup can throw you off your budget really quick. Instead of hiring someone when you can’t really afford it, why not do a simple hairstyle and makeup for your wedding.

Thanks to the internet, you can learn how to do the perfect hair and makeup within a short time.

You can even decide to do your own hair and hire someone to do your makeup or vice versa, so that you can save some cash. However, you should practice for a while first to avoid any hair and makeup fails.

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