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A fairy tale brewed in Dubai



BRIDE: Emelda Gacheri Kimaita

GROOM: Sam Sebuufu

DATE: May 3, 2014


VENUE: Dari Gardens, Karen


Emelda: We met in Dubai. I was walking to my apartment with a friend who knew Sam. They chatted as we waited for the elevator. I later learnt that he requested my friend to take me to his room so she came up with a reason and I had to accompany her.

From that first encounter, we only met again in church where he was the worship leader and I was in charge of multimedia. The meetings were always brief and somehow, we never got to talk much. Apparently, Sam had been trying to get my number from my friends but no one was coming in through for him, and I think he was shy to ask me directly. One day, we bumped into each other and he requested for my number. He started calling me, we became friends and as they say the rest is history.


Emelda: I got home one night and my key was not opening my door so I went to my friend’s place to get my spare key, but she was not at home and I could not reach her on phone. I, thus, decided to go back and try my door again. This time, the door opened and there were candles all the way from the door, down the corridor to the living area and it formed a large love-heart shape and in the middle was a box and there was Sam all suited up and on his knee.

Sam: Her friend gave me the spare key to her apartment so I could plan the surprise proposal. I was a little nervous but somehow confident because I knew the moment was right and it was now or never. She had this smile that I had never seen before as she looked at the ring with tears in her eyes and said yes.

Emelda: He had been talking about our future together a lot, so I knew he would eventually propose but I did not expect it at that time. I was elated.


Emelda: The wedding plans were made in less than two months. Time was not on our side. We had a “meet-the-parents” meeting in February (for the bride – in Meru) and in March (for the groom – in Kampala) and wanted to have the wedding in May. Then there was the issue of distance and planning. We were based in Dubai, while our family members who wanted to attend live in all different corners of this planet such as Uganda, US, UK, South Africa, Sweden, UAE, and the wedding was to be held in Kenya.

However, my good friend, Sylvia Kanyi, who had gotten married two months earlier, introduced me to most of the suppliers. My maid of honor, Akera Wasonga, and the committee took care of all the coordination logistics.

Sam: It rained on the eve of the wedding and everyone kept thinking that it was going to rain on my big day. So on the wedding day, the MC kept talking while looking at the sky. Given that this was a garden wedding – that would have been a disaster but the day turned out to be bright and beautiful.


We have learned to be patient with one another as change does not happen overnight and marriage is a journey; every morning you wake up ready to continue from where you stopped the previous day.


Sam: When she said yes in front of everyone.

Bride: The vows. Given the short notice, it was amazing that we had so many friends and family turn up for the event and they were so happy, singing and dancing; we could not take it for granted.

PHOTOS: Vince Njuguna

INTERVIEW : Rose Kwamboka


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