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Five common relationship problems and how to solve them

Girl Talk
 Most relationship problems are rooted from the lack of proper communication (Photo: Shutterstock)

When two people having grown up in different environments, with differing opinions come together, chances are conflict will arise.

Even the best relationships have problems. That is a fact.

You come from work tired, he has just lost his job, the kids got into trouble in school and let’s not even begin with the in-laws. That compounded with other life challenges will shake the strongest couple and if not handled with care, cracks may begin to appear.

As complex as the issues may appear, with the willpower and understanding to forge forward you can be able to solve any relationship problems.

Here is how to do it. 


Most relationship problems are rooted from the lack of proper communication. According to the author of Blending Families, Fantle Shimberg, ‘you cannot communicate if you are constantly checking your BlackBerry, watching television or always flipping through the sports section’.

You must be intentional about setting time aside to be with each other. This would, most often than not, be in the form of date nights where both partners go for a drink, share a meal or watch a movie together. 

Bonding sessions enable partners to get to know more about each other and is a convenient way of creating space to express any underlying issues thus improving communication.

 A lack of sexual education and awareness can worsen relationship tension (Photo: Shutterstock)


Most of the time, a lack of sexual education and awareness can worsen relationship tension. Sex enables couples to remain well connected, boosts a couple’s chemistry and helps to get rid of negative mental and physical hormones. Sometimes depending on the gravity of the situation, the assistance of a therapist may be vital in reviving a healthy sex life.


Research shows that one in ten people argue with their partners over financial matters. These may include issues such as debt and overspending. Having financial secrets and hiding important financial situations from your partner may result in a lack of trust and integrity in a relationship. 

This, overall, results in tension between partners and a potential standstill in the relationship. 

When it comes to money, different people have different attitudes towards this subject and hence it is important to understand the kind of partner you have and seek to ensure that as a couple both of you are supporting each other in order to thrive and decrease the burden from each other.

To be on the same page, work out a financial plan and a budget and vow to stick to it to avoid distrust.

 Research shows that one in ten people argue with their partners over financial matters (Photo: Shutterstock)


It takes a whole lot of willpower and honesty to rebuild a relationship that has once been faced with issues concerning fidelity. 

For relationships that have had a past of affairs and cheating, it is important to narrow down to the actual source of the problem. Questions to ask each other is if you were both happy before the incidents of cheating or was it as a result of loss of intimacy between one or both partners. 

These conversations normally become very hard to discuss and sometimes it may require the intervention of a counsellor or a non-biased third party to help come to a mutually benefiting conclusion for the couple.

Insecurity about the future

It is such an unsettling feeling for a partner to feel unstable when it comes to conversations that involve the future. Issues involving getting married, having kids together and making certain long-term career decisions may result in an uproar in some relationships. 

It is very important to have compatible goals with your partner. 

It’s also important to have a partner that supports your dreams and goals and this should be mutual and fair to both parties. Sometimes it helps to call off a relationship when you sense a lack of support and direction from your significant other. 

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