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Beauty tips from around the world

 There are a wide range of beauty tips from around the world that promise to make your skin and hair flawless  (Photo: Shutterstock)

These days it’s easier to get hold of a wide range of beauty tips when you want to try something new. At the click of a button you can explore what women in Korea use to defy aging.

Different cultures have been blessed with various secrets and the vast knowledge they have in beauty is epic. Considering one thing may work and the other may not, it is always a good idea to first understand your skin’s needs before embarking on a tip that may aggravate the condition.

Now if you struggle with skin problems this may be time to consider tips outside your comfort zone. Below are great beauty ideas from different corners of the world women swear by. 

Africa’s natural beauty 

African women are known for their rich, brown skin and abundant natural beauty remedies. The continent was blessed with clays, herbs and oils which are all hallmarks of African pride. You’ll find sandalwood for radiant skin, African black soap, shea butter, marula oil, baobab tree oil, argan oil and so many other options that deal with blemishes, acne scars, blackheads, eczema etc. 

One of the best tips for hair care can be found in Chad where they use a mixture of spices and herbs to create their signature hair mask. Chebe powder is the secret to long healthy black hair. 

And if you want the ultimate beauty hack from Africa, dive deep into their rich traditional foods which will do wonders for your skin, hair as well as overall health.

You can literally find countless beauty hacks in Africa.

 Natural skincare products keep African skin healthy (Photo: Shutterstock)

Asia’s secrets 

I’ve heard of so many skincare hacks from Korea. Their women and men look almost half their age! How do they do it? They’re very big on natural oil, extracts, acids, facial massages as well as natural products. They also work on lifestyle habits and diets that keep them looking young. They say you are what you eat and that has proven to be true time and time again. 

Hair care in India is also something you can look into. Their hair texture is different from the coils of African hair but the ingredients they use still boost your hair care progress. They love to make DIY hair masks, shampoos and moisturizers from henna, amla and aritha powder also known as soap powder just to name a few.

Less is more in Europe

Europeans are fans of simplistic approaches to beauty. They are good at coming up with skincare hacks from simple products you can easily find in your kitchen. Things like honey and yoghurt masks, ice water for tighter skin, olive oil and sea salt scrubs have tuned out to be more powerful than some store bought products.

When it comes to makeup, European women are careful of what they apply on their face. Makeup can damage your skin over time and they try to balance the effects by only applying little to no makeup.

They also watch what they eat as part of their beauty regimen. Vegan, keto diets, juicing and water fasting are a huge deal.

 Indians are known for their long, healthy hair which is thanks to their hair care products (Photo: Shutterstock)

Modern day America

The US is still very big on aesthetic cosmetic procedures. From botox to tummy tucks, America has it all. Many women have turned to cosmetic surgery to improve and/or enhance their appearance.

Aside from surgery, there are many other non-invasive methods that use technology like laser and body sculpting machines. In short, whether you want your teeth to be whitened or permanent body hair removal, America covers almost every known beauty procedure as long as you can afford it. To be honest, your mind is the limit.

There’s no doubt that tech in the beauty world is becoming a big thing and more women are embracing it for faster and great results.

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