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Five hygiene tips every woman needs to know

Lady Speak
 We all have body odour and some bodily discomforts we are not proud of (Shutterstock)

Keeping good hygiene is not a new topic, it is something that is constantly talked about as it is necessary.

Feminine hygiene is important. Like it or not, we all have body odour and some bodily discomforts we are not proud of.

It could be a bad smell, maybe emanating from sweating, or the clothes we put on. Either way, we need to enhance our overall hygiene in order to minimize risks of contracting infections.

Here are some hygiene tips that could help you go through your day-to-day life with ease:

Prevent ingrown pubic hair

Ingrown hair is a common problem. After shaving, your pubic area needs time to rest and space to allow the hair to grow back.

Constantly putting on skinny jeans and tight panties doesn’t give enough space for the hair to grow hence the discomfort of ingrown hair.

After shaving, put on skirts or dresses with loose panties and let the area around your pubic area be free and dry.

Go for cotton and lace panties

Your private area needs to be kept dry to prevent irritation that could lead to infections and foul smells.

Cotton underwear and lace panties should be your best friend. This is because their material doesn’t allow moisture to accumulate hence less irritation and sweating.

While you can still have the sexier silk panties, G-strings and thongs, you shouldn’t prioritize them as they are not only uncomfortable but they also don’t allow your ladybird to breath, as supposed.

Tip: You can consider sleeping without a panty as often as possible to let your ladybird breath at night after a long day of being tightly enclosed.

 Always keep your underarms dry (Shutterstock)

Always use a deodorant

Bathing regularly will keep you clean but it will not keep the sweaty smell away all day.

Your body is prone to unpleasant smells because of the bacteria that break down sweat into acids when you sweat.

While perfumes and sprays also play a big role in helping you smell fresh, a deodorant goes the extra mile and helps eliminate the multiple bacteria that are being produced when you sweat hence leaving you smelling fresh throughout the day.

Shaving regularly can also reduce sweating and the unpleasant smell caused by breeding bacteria in damp areas like a hairy armpit.

Always carry wet wipes

Wet wipes are everything. You will need them to wipe your shoes, wipe off sweat, take off makeup, sanitize your hands, the list is endless.

Tissue is great but sometimes it doesn’t just work out after using the toilet, you may need wet wipes to actually get the job done.

Go for baby wipes, they are more user-friendly and are mostly alcohol-free thus they won’t break your skin.

 Consider brushing your teeth at least twice a day (Shutterstock)

Pay attention to your oral hygiene

Brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning and just before bed.

Brushing your teeth at night ensures that all the food that accumulate on your teeth during the day are removed before they can build up plaque that will eat up your teeth and lead to cavities and gum disease.

Also, after brushing your teeth, always use a mouth wash to rinse off or kill bacteria that your toothbrush might have not eliminated. Mouth wash is also helpful in fighting tooth decay and bad breath.

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