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Man 'beat fiancée to death at home after she confessed to cheating'

Roderick Deakin-White, 38, left, is claimed to have murdered 35-year-old Amy Parsons, right (Image: Facebook)

A man bludgeoned his fiancée to death after finding out she was having an affair with a work colleague, a court heard.

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Roderick Deakin-White, 38, is claimed to have murdered 35-year-old Amy Parsons, after the Australian secretary started seeing James Saunders, who worked with her at a city insurance firm.

Jurors heard the couple had been together for several years before Ms Parsons became unhappy with the Deakin-White's cross-dressing fetish.

After learning of Ms Parsons' affair with Mr Saunders, Deakin-White, who had admitted manslaughter, sent a flurry of angry messages to friends calling his love rival a 'bastard, creep, and bloody nobhead.'

Roderick Deakin-White and Amy Parsons (Image: Facebook)

Amy grew up in Australia and had been in this country for many years.

"Before the defendant met her he had had little in the way of relationships with other women and the evidence suggests that he became extremely dependent upon her. 

"The flat in which they lived was owned by Miss Parsons.

"The defendant did not go out to work and Amy provided him with financial support, working as a personal assistant to a manager in an insurance company in the city.

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"It was Amy Parsons who paid the rent for the flat every month.

"The evidence suggests he was reliant on her. At times he had had depression although he had chosen not to take medication. His dependency on her appears to have been both emotional and financial.

"You will hear evidence about the nature of that relationship from witnesses who knew them both and with whom they both exchanged messages.

"With these witnesses they both discussed Amy's increasing unhappiness and dissatisfaction with her relationship with the defendant.

"For example, she was unhappy about the fact that he liked to engage in cross-dressing - dressing in women's clothing - when they were being intimate together.

"A few weeks before her death Amy Parsons began to become increasingly fond of a colleague at work, a man called James Saunders.

"The connection they each felt grew and in the fullness of time their feelings and affections for each other developed to the extent that they began a sexual relationship.

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"Amy Parsons did tell the defendant about this. He told one friend that he blamed himself somewhat as he had pushed her to him."

Deakin-White from Whitechapel, east London, has admitted manslaughter but denies murder.

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