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Five ways to handle the shift when you are more successful than him

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Initially, women’s and men’s duties were precisely defined to everyone. Men were expected to be the breadwinners while women handled all the housework.

Gone are those days and now, women have embraced working with men.

Men can also participate in household duties. The situation, however, is different when it happens that the wife earns more than her husband. When as a wife you encounter such a situation, there are tips on how to go about it to avoid scuffles and unavoidable issues that can steal the joy from your marriage.

  1. Communicate openly

It is wise to clear the air with your husband concerning the issue of you earning more than he does. This prevents conflicts in and also works to resolve any misunderstandings in your marriage. Talking to your spouse about issues that are of concern to both of you makes you tolerable to each other as you agree to disagree. Instead of feeling guilty when your husband makes less than you do, talk to him about it. This will also ease him of the insecurities he might have.

  1. Handle more responsibilities

As much as men are required to manage most of the responsibilities in the home, especially when it comes to bills, women can also step up to the task. It would be unfair to let your husband take on more responsibilities when you make more than he does. When a man’s ego spirals up, he might feel obligated to do what an average man is required to do in the family. This will definitely put a strain on him and he might end up resenting his wife for earning more. You should, therefore, communicate with him and agree to take on much of the responsibilities since you have the financial might to do so.

  1. Share your requirements

Establishing an open line of communication helps you speak freely about your needs. It is not appropriate to let your spouse second guess what you have in mind. Engage your partner in the discussion by letting him speak out about his requirements too. It will be encouraging for the husband to know that his wife respects him just as much even with his low income.

  1. Develop a budget

Financial planning counts and will help you know how much you can handle and where your husband can chip in if need be. Creating a monthly budget helps to know who will be allocated what and what item will require both spouse’s participation. A budget enables couples to prioritize their needs first before getting what they want. Planning with your husband assures him of a reasonable expenditure in the home. It also helps both of you to opt for other accomplishments as a couple, for instance, investments.

  1. Share household responsibilities

Never attempt to make your husband feel inferior by letting him undertake much of the household tasks because he earns less. He is your partner and should not to be treated as though he weren’t your equal. On the other hand, if you tend to have more office hours compared to your husband, you two should discuss it and let him take on much of the house work. If both of you undergo the same work duration hours, then talk it out and see when to conduct home duties together. If the baggage is too much for you too, then discuss and see whether it will be fit to hire a cleaning lady on some days or just get a house help to do it all.

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