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MCM: Winston Duke, M’baku can M’get it

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Winston Duke is the stud who played M’baku in Blank Panther. Remember him, big guy, really deep voice, looked like he could fold T’challa into a crepe. Yeah him! Winston is of Trinidadian and Tobagonian-American heritage and a graduate of Yale University. Man-dem went to Yale!

Anyway, he clocks in at a whopping 6ft 5 and once mentioned he weighs 250 pounds. The man is a walking teddy bear, our very own real-life Winnie the Pooh, with pants though. Anyway, enough babbling, we know why we are all here, to appreciate the beautiful species that is M’baku:

Dear GQ, did he have to wear clothing really?


Lord, it may be his face only, but I’m sure the rest of him looks GOOD
M’baku is trying to M’break M’heart
Chaee, Fada, he can lift a car, or me...whichever honestly
Just gazing into the horizon or at insanely bothered women
He needs to drop his skincare routine. Does he use angel tear?
Thinking about what engagement ring I'd like? Aww so sweet :)
He is carrying my common sense in that duffle bag
That smile...

Photos: Instagram @winstoncduke

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