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Folding clothes to maximise on space

Folding clothes the right way is an art by itself. If you do not fold clothes the proper way, they end up eating all of your closet space.

Marie Kondo, Japanese organising consultant and author, has carved a niche for herself as the folding expert.

Kondo, also known as KonMari, is known for her vertical folding method which ends up with clothes ‘standing up’ instead of lying flat in drawers yes, drawers. With KonMari’s method, multiple clothes will fit in drawers. Every clothing item has a special method of folding to a tiny, rectangular size. It makes everything easy to spot and hard to mess up.

Did you know that you could fit 10 pairs of denim trousers in one drawer? We show you how to do it today.


Did you know you could fold a trouser down until it fits in your palm? Lay the trouser flat.

Fold it lengthwise in half with the front side facing up. Pull the zip protrusion back in line with the trouser. Fold it into a third and another third. Fold the result into half. Vertically place your trouser in a drawer.


The non-traditional way to fold tee shirts that fit a drawer is to fold it into one straight strip from outside the neckline and then further fold it into a half and into a quarter.



Fold stockings into half and then roll into a cinnamon roll. Arrange the rolls in the

Jackets and hoodies

Lay the jacket flat and straighten with palms. Fold each arm inwards to meet at the chest. Fold the hood if any flat onto the arms. Fold the entire piece halfway.

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Vertical folding is a therapeutic and space saving way to bring organization in your life.

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