Evewoman : How to rock short hair like TV queen Jane Ngoiri


TV anchor Jane Ngoiri serves us short hair inspo

The TV anchor's shorter hairstyle have become her signature look (Photo: Instagram @janengoiri14)

They say that when a woman cuts her hair, she is going through a major life change. Well, we can’t say this of local TV anchor Jane Ngoiri. Her short hairstyles make us want to visit our hairdressers and try out a bob!

Her hair is relaxed, which is increasingly uncommon now that we’re all embracing our kinks. From photos shared on her Instagram, we’re sure she and her stylist have a lot of fun playing around with her hair.

From elaborate designs to protective wigs, Jane Ngoiri is the queen of short, permed hair.

Jane has relaxed hair (Photo: Instagram @janengoiri14)
She plays around with different hairstyles (Photo: Instagram @janengoiri14)
The hairstyles pay a lot of attention to details (Photo: Instagram @janengoiri14)
She isn't afraid to push boundaries (Photo: Instagram @janengoiri14)
From time to time she opts for wigs (Photo: Instagram @janengoiri14)
But her wigs of choice rarely stray from her signature look (Photo: Instagram @janengoiri14)
Unlike popular belief, she frequently pairs her short hair with small pearl earrings (Photo: Instagram @janengoiri14)
Jane has proved that short hair too can be versatile (Photo: Instagram @janengoiri14)
She has embraced chemically straightened hair at a time when many women are embracing their natural kinky hair (Photo: Instagram @janengoiri14)
Jane Ngoiri is a short hair style icon (Photo: Instagram @janengoiri14)

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