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Body positivity: Lynda Nyangweso opens up about facing body-shamers

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A number of celebrities have come forth preaching body positivity as they encourage women to love and embrace their bodies no matter what society thinks of them.

However, the internet is crawling with body-shamers who, like hyenas that have caught the scent of blood, are out to put down anyone whose body they deem unfit.

In a video shared her Instagram, media personality Lynda Nyangweso opened up about being body shamed. “Somebody called me whale,” she said in the video. “The meanest comment I ever got was that I didn’t deserve to have a child because of how I looked.

“When I was young, I would never eat in public. People would stare at me when I ate that I started eating in the toilet,” she confessed, her voice shaking as she recalled those hurtful moments.

Lynda Nywangweso recently opened up on being cyber bullied about her appearance (Photo: Instagram @thatchicklyndan)

The shaming got so bad that Lynda even contemplated suicide: “The only reason I didn’t go through with the suicide was because I worried that my mum wouldn’t find a coffin that fit me.”

Like Lynda, some celebrities have not let this cyber-bullying get to them. They are unashamed to wear what they like, take photos and even share them on social media all in an effort to put the shamers to shame.

“My sadness is for other girls who have to go through this,” Lynda says.  

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“If I was to meet a bully I would show kindness. Stop following people who make you feel bad about yourself. Protect your peace,” she concludes.

Below are some celebrities who have taken body positivity to a whole other level.

Sanaipei Tande (Photo: Instagram @sanaipeitande)
Neomi Ng'ang'a (Photo: Instagram @neominganga)
Joan Obwaka aka Yummy Mummy (Photo: Instagram @yummymummy)
Lynda Nyangweso (Photo: Instagram @thatchicklyndan)


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