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Beyoncé, the queen of wigs, reveals her natural hair

Be it wigs or weaves Beyoncé is always flawless (Photo: Instagram @beyoncé)

Beyoncé Knowles, 37, has finally revealed her natural hair. Tina Knowles-Lawson, the superstar’s mother uploaded a video on Instagram showing off her daughter’s long natural hair. In the video, Tina is seen combing through Beyoncé’s hair which she had been trimming.

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“Au natural!” she wrote in the caption.

Beyoncé hardly wears her natural hair out, preferring instead to wear weaves and wigs (Photo: Instagram @beyoncé)

The Queen Bee, who features in Disney’s latest remake of The Lion King, hardly ever has her natural hair out. She is the queen of wigs and weaves which she uses to change up her look constantly. She has become a trendsetter, making hairstyles like Fulani Braids popular.


Beyoncé’s favourite look is the blonde hair. In an interview with Glamour, her colourist, Rita Hazan, stated that Beyoncé changes her hair colour every three weeks.

The Queen Bee uses wigs and weaves to change up her look (Photo: Instagram @beyoncé)

In recent times, Beyoncé has been swapping the pin straight hair for a more natural and curly style. Hazan comments, “I love that she is embracing a more natural style and texture", says Rita. "It’s wonderful for me as a colourist because she is showing that it’s possible for ethnic girls to have natural hair and still look amazing as blondes.”

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Beyoncé is a trendsetter, making styles such as Fulani Braids popular (Photo: Instagram @beyoncé)

Although Beyoncé is a certified hair enthusiast, every time she went natural debates have arisen on whether it is her natural hair or a well installed weave. With the current video posted by Mama Knowles we can all see clear as day that all that gorgeous hair is natural. Although we don’t see Beyoncé’s face, die hard Beyoncé fans have pointed out without any doubt that its Beyoncé.

The Instagram video was taken down but not before netizens saved it on their phones. Beyoncé has completely squashed the claim that those who prefer wearing weaves and wigs don’t like their natural hair. Weaves and wigs are for self-expression in the same way we use different clothes to express ourselves.

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