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Lingerie specialist warns of dangers of going braless - even if you have small boobs

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Contrary to what the 'Free the Nipple' campaign has fought for, going braless may actually not be the best idea.

Yes, while the likes of Lottie Moss and Cara Delevingne may be happy to forego a bra in favour of comfort, evidence suggests that this could be doing us more harm than good.

This will come as a blow to anyone to prefers to live life free from the constraints of underwiring, annoying clasps and irritating straps.

According to Paula Svodoba, a fitting specialist: "Symptoms associated with not wearing a bra, or wearing the wrong size, include headaches, neck aches, back pain, ligament stretching and breast pain."

Speaking to 9Honey, she adds: "Not to mention the irreversible sagging effects down the track."

Put it this way - the average woman is carrying a kilo of weight on her chest.

Bras are here to lighten that load, so by ditching them, this strain gets transferred to your back.

And if you fall into a smaller end of the spectrum, don't think you're not at risk either - cup sizes A or B are still enough weight to cause lasting damage to your boobs through sagging.

"Women believe that sag is often due to the size of your breasts, but this is not the case," Paula explained.

"The stress of movement on the breast is what causes the fatty tissue and ligaments to stretch and sag overtime, irrespective of your size."

Paula pointed out that an A cup should place as much importance on a properly-fitted bra as an E cup.

Ladies, you've been warned: You can free the nipple, but not too much.

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