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Girl code: Are you married to your gadget?

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Sometimes, we find ourselves locked up in our own worlds, away from everyone else, including our loved ones. This doesn’t only strain relationships but can equally end them. Some people get hooked to their phones and only realise too late when they have already lost what they had.

I am not a researcher but, from talking to my circle of friends, most people who spend a large percentage of their time on either phones or computers are people who at some point sought solace in these gadgets as they had no one close to keep them company.

I can confidently say I am a culprit number one. I am not sure yet what amount of friendship or relationship will draw me away from my phone. The last thing I hold in my hand before I doze off at night is my phone and it’s equally the first thing in my hand when I wake up. If I happen to lose sleep in the wee hours of the night, my phone will be my first point of refuge.

Maybe, someday, when my daughter is old enough to have a constructive conversation, she will replace my phone. Sometimes, I am tempted to sit her down and play with her but she is at that stage where playing means sitting on my head, pulling my neck and jumping on my chest. I am not a bouncy castle and my ribs are not made of steel. I agree, my neck is long enough to attract some pulling but I would rather concentrate on my phone. But that doesn’t mean I don’t make time for her. I know some of you were about to crucify me on some mahogany from Congo forest. Hold it, I create enough time for my daughter. 

However, I know I am not alone in this world where phones and computers rule. But I am afraid of what this addiction might do to my future romantic relationship in case God pushes a tall dark and handsome man my way. In fact, this is probably the reason I have been single for a while. Perhaps potential suitors think I am a weird person. But men, surely, isn’t it easier to ask than to assume? Dear future husband, if you are out there and reading this, I promise to throw my phone away when we eventually hook up. Okay, I am kidding, I am not going to throw my phone away, why should I anyway? It’s your duty to give me a reason to put it away when we are together.

Many people harshly judge those of us who spend a lot of time on our phones. You might be my missing rib but, trust me, it’s not my fault that you took long to locate me, thus pushing me closer to my phone. Had you approached me earlier, maybe I wouldn’t even own a phone. Of course you’re a better option because you will never run out of charge or lose network.

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I am speaking on behalf of those addicted to their phones, judge us not. If you want to be part of our lives, give us a reason to put our phones away. There’s no way you will seek my company and then do nothing with it. Let’s build a world that suits us both -- just don’t take me to a football match yet I am not a football fan. I will not equally drag you to the salon to sit there and watch me have a manicure and pedicure as you listen to us talking about other people’s marriages. Not that I love talking about other people’s marriages -- it’s only that I can’t block my ears from an enticing story.

Still, if you’re hooked to your gadget, try and find a better way to entertain yourself. I know this might sound harsh but in real sense, we are prisoners locked up in technology. We might never find our true selves if we keep to our gadgets.

Let’s go out there and find the company we need, let’s go have fun. There’s really no fun in hanging out with a gadget, something you can’t even give a high five! Before I forget, this equally goes to you

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