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People mellow down in the end, don’t we?

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It has been a peaceful one year, with minimal drama from the crazy, if irate, Baby Mama. You had chosen the best strategy when someone becomes too much: Ignore. Her aunt, for a while, did entertain the idea that you may, in the long run, overcome your differences and remarry. She always mistook the little cohabiting that resulted in the son as a marriage. She doesn’t know that is the closest you ever came to the idea of hell.

Truth be told, she could unleash the best chapatis on a given Sunday. She was a thorough and meticulous cook. You loved her dedication, going to the market to buy kienyeji vegetables, making sure the sour milk was well done, and she could dust and mop the house squeaky clean.

In terms of the traditional wife credentials, Carol is no match. But her credentials were limited to house chores. And Carol’s credentials have to do with her ability to be respectful, even though at times she can resist even this.

Baby Mama’s aunt, who is basically her spokesperson since she raised her, fondly calls you “my son”. Routinely and in a measured way, she sends you pictures of your son, who is your spitting image, because she knows that drives your crazy.

Your son, she tells you, will be tall, dark and handsome and looks like will be a confident young man. That woman can really put in a good word for her spoilt niece.

Last week, you visited the son in school after a long time. The three of you. Baby Mama, who is usually moody, bitter and resentful was actually in good spirits, relaxed and actually listened to your vibe. Funny you even found her attractive in her short black skirt and yellow top, and well-coiffured natural hair. She is beautiful and doesn’t look anything her age.

The two were overly friendly. And then the aunt pulled you aside and dropped a bombshell.

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“She still wants to get married to you…I think she has come to her senses…”

“That can’t happen, is not going to happen, will never happen. However…” she cuts you in.

“I know you love your wife. Look at her, she does not want to become the first wife or to take the place of mmh, what is her name?”


“Carol, yes. Imagine it is not good if your son doesn’t grow up with his father. My niece is beautiful and while in the past, she has not been a good girl. I think she has grown. She knows life is not easy out here and good men like you are not easy to find…”

Good men like you. She said that with cheeky subtlety and acted like she was not flattering you.

“Nowadays, I see young men having two wives, or at least acknowledging the other woman… This is something to consider.”

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But Baby Mama is not the other woman. She never will be. Or will she? Maybe you can talk to Carol?



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