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Bizarre 'human skin' heels make you look barefoot, leaves fashionistas baffled

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Fashion fans were baffled by a bizarre pair of shoes that make the wearer look like a barefoot otherworldly creature.

Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran of Montreal-based Fecal Matter created thigh-high 'human skin' heels made from silicon.

The duo are known for sharing their outlandish visuals of alien-like beings on their Instagram page, where snaps of the incredible shoes have been posted.

One fan wrote: "Oh my goodness I'm obsessed where can I get a pair of the shoes????

Another was confused by the unusual fashion item: "I had to stare at this for so long to understand".

A third fan wrote: "I always thought this was photoshop but it's even more badass that they're real shoes".

A Photoshopped image of the heels appeared in Vogue magazine earlier this year, confounding readers. The designers decided to make a real-life pair.

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"Everyone was like, 'Is it Photoshopped? Is it not Photoshopped?' We wanted to put it out in real life," Steven said to Vogue in October.

Thus came the real-life 'Skin Heels,' which were painstakingly created by artist Sarah Sitkin to replicate Hannah's leg.

The thigh-high silicon footwear even has moles, little hairs, and uneven skin tones so it resembles an actual leg - except for the alien features of course.

"The shoe is like when you are going to Chanel to get a wedding dress. You get the fittings and the customisations. For even me to get the shoe, I have to stand and each of my legs have to be perfectly molded," Hannah said to the fashion magazine.

If you're after a pair for yourself, it'll set you back a whopping $10,000 to have them custom made.

The shoes reflect what Fecal Matter believes humans might eventually look like as a result of body modification, social media and advances in technology.

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