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Shine this Christmas with these amazing looks

Typically, this is the season to sparkle. As the year winds down and the office parties, events, dinners are in full swing, why not end the year shining? Imagine this, all eyes on you. Incorporate some diva-level sparkle into your own look and make it work for you - without looking like a Christmas tree!

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 1. Sequin jumpsuit: Kenyan Slayers

Shoes: Backyard Shoez

2. Earrings: Maridadi

Crop top: Pinkie Fashion Kenya

Pants: Lekasri Bespoke

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 3. Earrings: Beauty Galore

Sequin top: Kenyan Slayers

Leather Pants: Platform

4. Top and bottom: Kenyan Slayers

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5. Crown: Dubois Road

Blazer: Lekasri Bespoke

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Sequin crop: Kenyan Slayers

Pants: Thrifted

 6. Flower crown: Dubois Road

Sunnies: Beauty Galore

Blazer: Mancave

Sequin clutch: Delvis Bridal

Multilayered skirt: Stars Jollaire


PHOTOGRAPHY: Kuyoh Photography; Instagram: @kuyohphotography; Facebook: KuyohPhotography

ASSISTANT STYLIST:  Judy Rose. Instgram: @dee_rozz_

MAKEUP ARTIST: Mokeira Oyaro. Instagram: @mokeira_oyaro Facebook: Mokeira Oyaro

MODELING AGENCY: Velour Modelling Agency; Facebook: Velour Models; Instagram: @Velour Models

MODEL: Judy Rose


1. Kenyan Slayers: E15, City Market Stalls, Muindi Mbingu Street, Nairobi; Instagram: @kenyanslayers

2. Backyard Shoez: Facebook: Backyard Shoez; Instagram: @backyardshoez.

3. Maridadi Couture Statement: Instagram: @maridadistatement

4. Pinkie Fashion Kenya: E16, City market Stalls, Muindi Mbingu Street, Nairobi; Instagram: @pinkiefashionke

5. Beauty Galore: Instagram: @beautygalorekenya

6. Platform: Two Rivers, Limuru Road, Nairobi

7. Lekasri Bespoke: Web:; Instagram: @lekasri_bespoke

8. Delvis Exclusive: First floor, Two Rivers, Limuru Road; The Hub, Karen, Nairobi

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