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Foods you shouldn’t order on a first date

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First date is always important as it sets the ‘rhythm’ for the rest of your relationship with the person. You always have to give it your best and focus so that you can learn as much as you can about the other person.

While first dates can be awkward, because most people don't know how to act, there a few guidelines that if you follow you will be better placed and actually you might even get a second date.

So, try not to order the following foods.

  1. Burgers bigger than your mouth

Burgers are good. They should however be avoided because of how messy they are. Cramming a greasy hunk of meat into your face? It’s not exactly pretty to watch.

  1. Lobster, crab, any kind of shellfish

It’s a lot of work to eat these creatures. Imagine romantically looking at someone as you're tearing apart a sea creature with your bare hands. Its completely off.

  1. Soups

Slurping sounds are not romantic. Or worse enough, you could stain your outfit with just one drop of soup. If you are aware that you cannot take soup in a proper manner, avoid it.

  1. Spaghetti and noodles

Especially if they are served with meat balls. Eating them requires so much skill. First, one needs to roll the strands on the folk of which chances are slim that the fork will contain all strands. Then there is the gross part where one has to pull the strands in to their mouth. The whole scenario is disturbing.

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  1. Spinach

Imagine with all your glory, your date gathers courage to tell you that you have spinach stuck up on your teeth. It can be an embarrassing and awkward moment. Despite its profound benefits, the sight of spinach stuck on one’s tooth is obnoxious

  1. Anything you are not familiar with

While on your first date you should order food that you are familiar with and that it will be simple and easy for you to eat. A first date is not a try out food affair. It’s more of a setting that at most times aims at analyzing who an individual is. It is embarrassing if one orders something that is new to them and they end up not finishing the food.

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