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Maribel's mother breaks down as she gives emotional speech to eulogize daughter

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“When you hit her, when you broke her legs, and you did whatever you did, were you satisfied?”

“Did you go and celebrate after that?”

“Had Maribel done anything wrong to you for her to deserve that?”

“Did the cries of my child never reach you?”

“Wherever you are, you will never have peace, you will never have peace in the name of Jesus. You will never see peace.”

“You can’t kill my Meribel, you cannot. Wherever you are God is watching. You will never have peace.”

“May you be troubled till the day you will come and confess.” This were the painful words of Carolyne Kemei as her young daughter was laid to rest in Kuriot village, Uasin Gishu county.






Kapolon went missing on September 6, 2018 at around 5pm after she was dropped off by the school bus.

Maribel Kapolon’s mutilated and decomposing body was found in Upper Imenti, in Gitoro Forest  on September 16.

She was a Standard 4 pupil at Consolata Primary School and was kidnapped on Total Road in Meru, near the county commander’s office and adjacent to the county commissioner’s residence.

It was a tearly event as her classmates described her as a generous friend and gifted athlete. She was also eulogized as a tough goalkeeper during soccer games.

May her soul rest in peace.


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