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6 things you should never do with your ex once it's over

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Depending on the note at which the two of you called it quits, that may determine what happens in future.

If you got away from a bad relationship, run and never look bad. Despite getting lonely, which will be the case in more than one ocassion, sounding desperate in the hopes of trying to get your ex back will do more harm than good. Let's not forget the humiliation if he or she ignores your pleas.

Worse still, your ex may have moved on.

With that said, life can throw you a curve ball and bring the two of you together. Be it co-parenting or a random run in at the mall, how you react matters.

These are some of the things you should never ever do with your ex once it's done and dusted.

1. Stay in touch

No matter how wild your emotions are running, never be weak and run into his or her arms when they come back with sorrowful apologies and tales about how they miss you. Relationships are built on more than just the superficial and unless past issues are resolved, stop wasting your time and hope. For moving on sake, delete their contacts and cut off any contact. This may be difficult to do at first but remember, the more contact you have, the more hurt you will endure when things don't go your way.

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2. Begging

This will only open a door for your ex to manipulate and tie you down because they know you can’t live without them, and better believe they will use it to gain power over you. At your moment of weakness, you are vulnerable and the last thing you should do is give someone who hurt you the most, a chance to do it again.

3. Sex

If you think sex will get your ex back, think again. Sex and love are two totally different things. For men especially, sex can be detached from love and if he sees you are trying to bed him out of desperation to get him back, he will jump for it. Chances are he will walk out of it with no remorse and you will be left dealing with more heartbreak.

4. Revenge

Unless you're willing to lose it all and risk a possible jail term, don't think about taking matters into your own hands. He or she hurt you but it is not in your place to cause harm for the sake of passing a message across. Let it be and let karma take its cause. Should feelings of vengance keeping popping up you may need to talk to someone before you make a bad decision that can possibly destroy your life.

5. Dating

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Unless you are both emotionless zombies, then by all means meet up for dates. This is the last thing you should do no matter how the relationship ended. This will complicate things even further and one person may start getting emotionally attached. No matter how small you want to down play your meetings, skip them altogether. It will only break your heart more especially once you find out the other person has moved on.

6. Hanging out

If there are particular things you used to do together like working in the same place for instance, then you will have to come to an agreement on how to work through that professionally. If there is a particular activity that needs both your attention, handle it like mature adults. Make it work or it will only break your heart more.

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