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What you missed from Aretha Franklin's funeral

“Nothing sounded better to me than the way my grandma sings. Her voice made you feel something,” Victorie Franklin, Aretha Franklin’s granddaughter said during the funeral of the legendary artist. “You felt every word, every note, every emotion in the songs she sang. Her voice brought peace,” she added.

The queen of soul is already resting after a funeral service at Detroit’s Greater Grace Temple last Friday. Aretha Franklin died August 16th at the age of 76 due a pancreatic cancer.

Family, friends, artists, politicians, activists and fans graced the service where they celebrated the life of one of the best voices America has ever had. Franklin was buried in a shining golden casket in her adopted hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

Following the photos of the queen of soul’s funeral:

Pink Cadillacs lined the street in honor of Aretha. She once sang, "we going riding on the freeway of love in my pink Cadillac" in her song "Freeway of Love"
The 1940 Cadillac 'La Salle' used to transport Aretha to the funeral is the same one used for the black-American rights activist Rosa Parks in 2005 and Aretha's father in 1984
Aretha's casket being carried to the Greater Grace Temple
Fans watch the funeral on a giant screen outside Greater Grace Temple
Ariana Grande performing during Aretha's funeral service
Aretha's family members share stories of the late singer's life
Singer Chaka Khan performing during the service
Fans of Aretha line up outside the temple hoping to be allowed to enter in to the funeral
Queen of soul funeral service
Fans bring gifts to Aretha's family
Stevie Wonder performs 'I will be loving you always' during the funeral
Jennifer Hudson performs 'Amazing Grace'
Hillary Clinton during the service
Vincent Street wipes down Aretha's gold casket
Bill Clinton speaks during Franklin's funeral service


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