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5 common struggles of a working breastfeeding mum

1. Lack of proper nursing facilities:

Not every office has a lactation room that will allow moms to express breast milk and keep it in a germ-free environment as it should be. With the uncomfortable pain of engorged breasts and having to deliver work like everyone else, working breastfeeding moms sometimes have to pump milk at the washrooms which as we know is the hub of all germs and bacteria, unsafe for both the mother and the baby.

2.Unsupportive colleagues and bosses:

There are those bosses who want you back at work within the month that you give birth, which is the same time that your child needs you the most and still exclusively breastfeeding. Others will not understand that you need to take time off working hours to go pump.

3.Having to survive the day with 3 hours of sleep:

Infants are known to be sleeping less hours and waking up often in the middle of the night to feed. Some get the night routine while others never master it. This makes the mother be up more hours than she is asleep. Having to operate on less hours of sleep a day can be stressful and leave you unproductive.

4.Knowing that your baby is in safe hands at home/daycare:

Finding a house helps is one thing and finding a good housel help is where the actual slog is. Having to leave your child at home not knowing what this stranger is doing or not doing with them can be unnerving considering all the nanny horror stories going round each day.

5. General accumulated stress levels affecting breast milk production and breastfeeding.

When stressful thoughts and situations are combined, it might come in the way of the woman’s milk production. Reduced milk production will affect both the mother and the infant that may lead to frustration. This is a major contributor to postpartum depression.

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