Evewoman : Six “romantic” signs that indicate the relationship is over

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Romantic habits that are actually relationship red flags

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People usually look for an attentive, caring and committed partner when it comes to serious relationships. Sometimes we think we have found the right person because of his “romantic” gestures that movies has taught us to be cool.

Actually some of these behaviors show up your potential partner is covering up some serious flaws. Be attentive to these “romantic” behaviors if you don’t want to be disappointed in the future:

  1. He makes impossible promises

He telling you “I will never leave you” melts your heart and isn’t bad, but experiences have taught women to never trust a man very fast because the people who usually do those kind of promises are precisely the ones who leave you.

Actions and values speak louder than words, if he treats you the way he says he may be a good man, if he doesn’t quit the relationship as soon as possible.

  1. He texts you too much

It is completely natural to text and to talk a lot when you are each other’s crushes, it is actually more romantic than the guy who takes two days to respond to your text with a “haha ok”. But overdoing it can be a bad sign.

If you talk with your partner about that you need a little space and he understands you, he may be good, but if he responds to your request with anger or making you feel guilty, he is not the one girl!

  1. He is overprotective

Jealousy is an emotion people feel when they suspect their relationship is in danger. However, overprotection and overreactions because of jealousy are signs that your partner is very insecure and controlling. 

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If your partner complicates situations, blames you of innocent behaviors, if he spies your phone and your social media accounts making you feel uncomfortable and guilty, the relationship’s destiny is finished.

  1. He overshares information during your first date

People usually think that someone who shares a lot of information with you, is someone who has nothing to hide and he feels connected to you.

During a first date it is okay sharing few details about your childhood or family to keep the conversation interesting. Talking about his past relationships experiences or insulting people from previous love stories is crossing the line, be cautious because he may not be in the right place to start a new relationship.

  1. He wants to spend all the time with you

Quality time over quantity time always! If he wants to come over to your place every night, even when he knows you are working, with friends or you just want a night to yourself, look out! Spending all the time together can become toxic and unhealthy.

Trust, care, reliability and love are the pillars for every relationship.

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  1. He says he is so into you very early

There are men who can’t express their feelings for women because of multiple reasons, maybe they weren’t taught how to communicate with ladies or they just freak out when it comes to speak about feelings. This problem can be solved easily if you work together in your communication.

Be careful with the men who quickly announce that they are so into you. This can be seen like a blessing, but actually it is not. Take care because the men who profess their love very early on usually develop controlling and abusive behaviors.

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Be responsible and understand that long and healthy relationships take communication, trust, reliability and love which takes time to build.

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