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Seven things you must resist no matter how strong the feeling is

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  • While it is perfectly normal to feel a strong desire to do something, it is not always the right thing to do.
  • Our curious nature has led to great inventions, cures and other milestones, but when it comes down to it, negative urges are intrinsically part of who we are as well.

Depending on how you choose to see it, these urges should be watched out before they ruin your life and of those you claim to care about.

No one is perfect but one thing is for sure, we can fight these natural urges as long as we can recognize them from afar.

  1. Cheat

It’s normal to feel the desire to try something new but this type of desire is not healthy. According to studies, our hormones drive our attraction to the new and different and can cause us to lose interest in the person who has been there for us over years or even decades. To deal with this urge, take a step back and revaluate what you have in your marriage or relationship over that one thing you have seen in a stranger.

  1. Overeating

Many of us can relate to eating while watching their favorite series or catching up on social media and it is no wonder obesity is becoming a problem. You should never eat when distracted and only eat when you’re hungry.

  1. Impulse buying

Just because your friend has a new Chanel bag it doesn’t mean you have to get one especially if you haven’t planned for it. Or just because you come across a sale or a good price, it not an excuse to splurge. Although it is rooted in our social instincts to want nice things, they come at a price. Plan and budget for it.

  1. Fear of missing out

FOMO is real. Of all the many urges we all have, this is one of the loudest and scariest. Being left out at a friend’s party or a few friends doing something without us actually hurts us. But it is not the end of the world. If you feel it is getting too much, talk to one or two friends about it and consider expanding your social circle.

  1. Procrastinating

The urge to procrastinate is often rooted in an avoidance of the negative feelings of stress we feel when we actually try to tackle a difficult task or fears that we may do it badly. Why do it now when you can do it next week right? Wrong! Putting things to the last minute means you will not do them well had you done it earlier. Whatever it is you have to do, just do it. No excuses!

  1. Feeling overwhelmed

At the end of a long busy day or a challenging task at work it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed. While this kind of stress is not uncommon, it is often misplaced and you need to get a clear perspective about it. whatever it is you’re doing take a short break and center yourself.

  1. Fighting

When your body is under acute stress or threat it will respond with a fight or flight reaction. While some things can get you worked up and provoke you to a physical response, think about the consequences. Control your emotions an get out of that stressful situation.

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