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10 best foods to give you energy all day

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Garbage in garbage out best defines the effects food has on our body, especially on energy, once ingested.

Did you know that foods high in fat and calories can leave you feeling fatigued since they require more energy to digest! In short, to stay alert all day you have to start by making smarter choices about what you're using to fuel your body.

While all food will give you energy, not all food is equal in their energy content. If you have a long day ahead and need all the energy you can get, you will need some energy-boosting foods. These are basically foods that encourage our bodies to convert food into energy. Omega-3 fatty acids and B-complex vitamins are especially good at this.

Listed below are 10 different foods that will give you just the right amount of energy you need for a long day.

  1. Beans

Beans are rich in B vitamin and also come with protein and complex carbohydrates. These will sustain your energy all day long.

  1. Eggs

Their energy-giving capabilities make eggs the perfect breakfast option. They contain choline which is an important nutrient that is also a B vitamin. Choline enhances metabolism and promotes the functioning of the nervous central system.

  1. Walnuts

Walnuts are a great energy builder because of all the nuts, it has the highest concentration of omega-3.

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  1. Leafy greens

Examples of the right energy giving greens include kale, spinach, chard, watercress among others. They are great at promoting energy due to their high levels of Vitamins C and K, calcium, Folate and beta-carotene.

  1. Salmon

This is an oil fish that is quite rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s help the body as building blocks for muscle and tissues. They also provide lots of energy.

  1. Coffee

Despite the health scares coffee has been associated with, the caffeine it contains has a pick-me-up effect. It increases your alertness and focus. Coffee has also been proven to be good for overall health and reduces the risk of heart failure, dementia and some cancers.

  1. Citrus

Citrus fruits increase your alertness just from their scent. They also help boost your energy as they are full of Vitamin C.

  1. Dark chocolate

When purchasing one, think about the really dark chocolate as it contains the highest concentration of cacao. The nutrients found in cacao help increase your energy and focus as well as help fight stress. Dark chocolate also contains caffeine that is another energy booster.

  1. Bran cereal

The nutrients in bran cereal that make it so good for long lasting energy are complex carbohydrates and B-complex vitamins.

  1. Water

Do not underestimate the power of H2O. Drinking lots of water hydrates you which helps prevent sluggishness. Dehydration also causes fatigue so make sure to counteract that by taking healthy amounts of water.

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