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Men should not help in the kitchen- Study

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According to a recent study, men should not help their wives in the kitchen as doing so is perceived to be greedy or a sign of being bewitched.

The study which was conducted by the Economic Research Policy Centre (EPRC) and School of Women and Gender Studies Makerere University, revealed that men who help in the kitchen are mocked and gossiped due to existing cultural practices and norms.

“A man that helps out in the kitchen would be mocked and gossiped about as “oyo bamuloga nebamulekera agasala ekuubo”, translated as a man that was bewitched by his wife and only left with senses to enable him to cross the road.” Dr Peace Musimenta from Makerere University school of women and gender studies said while presenting the findings.

The findings of the research show that people rely on culture to justify and attribute kitchen work to be women’s responsibility whereas men are left with the breadwinning responsibility.

The study was funded by Oxfam.

Do you think the same applies to the Kenyan society?

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