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5 things to expect after giving birth

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  • No amount of reading or research can prepare you for child birth or what happens thereafter because it is a unique experience for each one.
  • It is every woman’s dream to have and deliver a normal healthy baby but it is never an easy thing to do. This is probably one of the hardest things a woman must go through in her life.

After going through the worst pain imaginable through labor, the horror story doesn’t end there. The mystery just deepens and opens up into another dimension as your body recovers. But there is no better surreal experience than bringing life.

So once the baby is here well and healthy, here are some of the few things you should expect after child birth.


  1. Heavy flow

Regardless of whether you gave birth normally or through a C-Section you will get your periods immediately and it may be heavy. This will be accompanied with scary looking blood clots and the bleeding can go up to six weeks depending on the individual.

  1. Emotional

Most women usually go through a wave of emotions due to hormonal changes and it is normal to cry especially when the baby cries for no reason. But one thing you should look out for is excessive emotions which can be a sign of postpartum depression. If you suspect this may be the case, see your doctor.

  1. Swelling

If you delivered vaginally, expect some swelling. And chances are you will be stitched up if you experienced any tears. This means ordinary things like peeing will become a nightmare.

  1. Hair falling out

This normally happens due to hormonal side effects after giving birth! To some women hair starts falling out during pregnancy but for most it happens after. Good news is, it’s temporary and your hair will grow back.

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  1. Cramps

If you thought the pain goes immediately the baby arrives think again! You will experience after pains that can make you feel like you’re contracting. This is because your uterus is shrinking back to its normal size. To make matters worse, this usually occurs when you’re breast feeding. Ouch!

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