Comedian Njugush reveals why he will not be opening a social media account for his child - Evewoman

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Njugush will not open a social media account for his child as is the norm with celebs. Here’s why


It is a trend among celebrities both local and international to open social media accounts for their children as soon as they are born. They then use these accounts to keep the fans updated on the day to day life activities of their young ones. Timothy Kimani aka Comedian Njugush plans to take a different path.

During a recent interview with the star, the celebrated comedian who is expecting his first child together with wife, Celestine Ndinda said they will not open an Instagram account for their kid. According to him, it is up to the child to decide if they want to be on social media or not but it should not be the parents making that decision.  

“Opening an account for our child will not be one of our agendas because according to me, that is a personal decision they can make when they reach 18,” said Njuguna.

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