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Here is how to know if you are the side chick this Valentines

Girl Talk

I am sure you have all heard the long running joke ‘Roses are red, violets are blue. If he is busy on Valentine’s Day the side chiq is you’.

Well, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and quite a number of women are in for a rude awakening. Or not. Here is the thing; I have always thought that women who unknowingly date married men or men in commitment relationships are willfully ignorant. I mean, how can you not tell that a man is married or has a long-term girlfriend? It should be clear as day, or so I thought.

It turns out that men are conniving creatures who go to great lengths to hide relationships. Chances are, he will be able to explain why he can’t spend Valentine’s Day with you. Regardless, there are always telltale signs that a man is married. Apart from the obvious like never taking you to his house, here are a few cleverer ways men use to hide the fact they are married.

If he tells you he is not on social media or he is not active, smell a rat. 

My friend met a guy on Tinder. Those of you who have used the app you know you have to connect it to your Facebook account. She took the precaution of searching him on Facebook first before meeting him.  His account was two months old and there was basically nothing there. He told her he is not a social media person. She dated him for six months before she found out he was in fact married and had a very active Facebook account which was littered with pictures of his wife and kids. He created the other account just to join tinder. Ladies, at this day and age, everyone has some sort of social media presence and most men post their wife and kids up there. If he claims he doesn’t use Facebook, he is hiding a wife.

My friend’s short-lived romance with Tinder guy was characterized by out-of-town weekend adventures and romantic out-of-the country trips. He was always whisking her away somewhere. You will be fooled to think that he is a gentleman with a flair for romance but the truth is he wants to hang out with you in places far away from where his wife and kids are and places he is sure he won’t run into someone who knows him. He has told his missus that he is travelling for work and he is free to relax and enjoy his sexcapade with you away from prying eyes. During these rendezvouses was about the only time my friend and her Tinder guy got in on. (He couldn’t take her to his house because ‘he was living with his young brother’)

Now, if he has two smartphones, that’s trouble! A lot of people keep two cellphones for whatever reason but married men will always have two cellphones both of which are smartphones. A mulika mwizi would be cheaper for this purposes but which woman is going to believe you are not on WhatsApp? Also, you will realize that he only seems to get calls on only one of the phones and if you keen enough you will notice that the phone he receives most of his calls on is not the one he uses to contact you. You will be the only one he contacts using the other, most probably cheaper smartphone, unless he has other side chiqs apart from you.



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